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Found 12 results

  1. Just pre-ordered, and the game looks very promising. Keep up the good work. There's one area of immediate concern to me, however: the size of the text. Many of the fonts are just fine, but many are simply too small to read comfortably, even at the largest screen resolution offered by the game. I've read you guys are considering making the state more "visual" but please consider making the text simply larger and more readable, as well. Along the same lines, does anyone have any advice on how to increase the test size myself? Since there are plenty of .xml files, I've done some looking to see if i could do some simple editing to make the game more legible, but I haven't found any master list of font sizes yet. Any ideas?
  2. Hello, I have recently purchased the pre-order and started the development builds to see it's current progress. Things look nice but I simply can't play this game due to the tiny interface / letters. It;s a big strain on the eyes to see the worldmap and the tiny fonts. Site combat does look better and it seems that the fonts are bigger. But as soon as you return to the overview and it's tabs it seems that the fonts are painfully tiny. Hopefully you guys can bring up with some kind of a solution for this as for me it's unplayable for now. The resolution i use is 1024x768 Regards,
  3. As I haven't been around that much I don't know if this issue has been raised. I am playing on 1366x768 resolution if it matters. But I find myself really struggling to read. I have 20/20 vision but I also take daily medication that makes it hard enough for me to read without getting double vision. Is there gonna be any way to change the font size or will you be making it a bit bigger in the future. Also can we have a faberge egg ship like this one.
  4. I have just bought the game and my only real gripe at the moment is the font size. I have seen a few postings on new UI interfaces and that the font will be changing but when? I would guess that old timers like me who played x-com when it came out are now at a certain age where constant playing on computers has created a slight imperfection to their eye site. Balancing, crashes and graphic glitches I can cope with on a beta. But I need to play the game without squinting which will only worsen my already failing eyesight. I am playing on a laptop (all my games mainly paradox/ageod show and play smoothly) 1366x768 p.s. Have also enabled beta updates on steam so playing with latest beta.
  5. 1920x1200 so the text should be sharp, unfortunately theres a script making it smaller, so blurrier also makes the screen dimmed in movement phase, and don't know how to erase the "alien's turn" from script that shows up at the top png to put here: /assets/gui/groundcombat/hiddenmovement/ http://rghost.net/46841949
  6. I can't read text on the GUI on my asus x5di laptop screen. It's simply too small. Am I getting old ?
  7. Hello! I just downloaded my beta, and it looks great so far, but the in-game text is small and can be difficult to read (my vision is at least 20/20, too). Is there a way to increase the size of the text, and if not, can one be added? I tried changing the resolution settings and they barely had any effect.
  8. Hello. At last I get steam early access and tried this great game (didn't saw any build of xenonauts before steam release), played few missions. I have very good impression, except GUI fonts sizes! I use 14" 1366x768 laptop (i know it is not not a gaming hardware actually, but i am not a gamer) and simply cant read this tiny fonts. Did not have any font size issues with any other game of soft before on this screen. For my (not ideal) eyes it is real pain to read anything in xenopedia or geoscape gui. It is incredibly small fonts. Smaller than i ever seen in any game before. Any chance that text size will be adjusted in future releases? Thank you. Please excuse for my bad English not native for me.
  9. I've been going through the game for past few days and I'm really enjoying it. Apart from bugs (everything I've encountered is already mentioned in Bug Reports section) I have trouble reading xenopedia articles in 1366x768 resolution (text is really tiny). But the research reports are great! Very good job, Chris! I love the occasional jabs at engineering and I've had a good laugh reading about Dr. Gusikov and his nuclear reactor history
  10. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if there is a setting hidden somewhere that makes the interface text in ground combat larger? I play on a 26" monitor so I sit nearly a meter away from it, at 1920x1200 the text is really small and hard to read. Do any of you know about a solution? Thanks, Alex
  11. It's so minor that it's almost not worth mentioning... My only issue with the game so far is how the small the text is in higher resolutions. I play in 1600x900, and some of the text is too small to read easily. I've been wearing glasses for a lot of years now, and I've only had my prescription changed once, despite spending quite a large amount of time in front of the computer, and even then it was a very small change, another -.25 in each eye, after 7 years of having glasses. Part of the reason is because I never wear my glasses for close-distance anything, like being in front of the computer, or reading a book. A few of the fonts in Xenonauts however make me want to put on my glasses in order to easily read them, which is really bad for your eyes. It'd be nice if you could bump up the font-size on some of the smaller texts one or two sizes. I realize also that this complaint/suggestion is probably moot, since the UI will almost certainly see some changes between now and release, if not sooner, but I still thought it worth mentioning.
  12. Hi Guys Font size is very small. I have to stay very close to the monitor. The soldier attributies can be shown in bars rather than numbers like in original. Its really hard and boring trying to read all those small numbers. Thanks and good luck.
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