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Found 8 results

  1. The new equipment slots for interceptors are nice welcome to the game. So i wondered if the same is possible for dropships? So we could extend the range of them with fuel pods and maybe later others..
  2. The original XCOM allowed you to load up the dropship with additional items up to a certain amount. @Chris do you have any plans on implementing this? Currently we seem to be overloading our soldiers to get more ammo and rockets into terror missions and then dropping them all in the dropship (which loses a few units their first turn). This is rather frustrating and time consuming but essentially achieving the same thing; having a limited inventory and the inconvenience of having to return to the dropship could be a good balance. Alternative idea could be to allow tanks / scout vehicles to have an inventory - with a risk of being destroyed and losing all your gear.
  3. Playing 'vanilla' version with mods: map packs, dynamic UFO spawns 1. Major one - game consistently crashes to desktop when attempting to rearrange troops on dropship. Happening on Charlie - when I go into troop placement screen most of them do not appear inside the dropship, though as I mouse-over different empty looking tiles, there are tooltips showing up. This in particular starts to happen after I add a tank to the roster. Left clicking on these 'invisible' soldiers results in CTD. Result of bug is that it is extremely chance to use tanks, as said tank is by default positioning toward rear of the dropship, where it can't get out until all the soldiers.. 2. Really annoying due to immersion breaking - empty weapons keep reloading if placed in backpack. On next turn weapon will usually be loaded. Making use of this seems like cheating, trying to work around it 'fairly' makes me waste a lot of time unloading and dropping these 'phantom' clips and rockets. 3. Several cases of aliens shooting through walls. One time had an alien shoot a plasm cannon round through the front cabin of the Charlie dropship, which passed through 2 walls and killed almost everyone inside. 4. One time had a mission on which all heavy gun ammo that was in backpacks started at 66%. 5. 'Grey' events do not bring up any pop-ups, though they normally indicate that a UFO has shown up. 6. Strength does not grow according to description of manual/config. After a certain point ~mid 70s, loading soldiers to full encumbrance no longer trains them, and only overloaded soldiers are able to rise in strength.
  4. At the start of the game I move the guys around to give me a couple ready to go out the side doors, no problem. After about 12 missions, and losing 3 guys in my first terror mission, I was unable to adjust the troop layout anymore. I had hired replacement soldiers, geared them up and assigned them to the charlie. I could not move any of the green circle icons around at all.
  5. Got an empty dropship that has two of the little white soldier icons on the left side. Known bug? Where is the bug list anyway? I'd like to be able to look this up before I post.
  6. I got a hunter to finish while the drop ship was almost to the target and i assigned it to that drop ship then it was magically at the mission but when it died and i went back to base there was another one and i didn't have a hunter building
  7. Go out a side door of the charlie, then forwards of the door a bit. Now decide to go to the other side of the charlie, and you can path straight through the crew cabin area.
  8. I would quite like to see a crew total on the intercept screen. This would let me know if I have forgotten to replace injured and killed personnel just before I sent a team out again. I reckon it could go in the armament column, as a fraction like 8/12. At a glance you would see "oh there should be more guys in there" rather than arriving at that terror site with three dudes due to terminal forgetfulness. I guess that could get harder later if the dropship gets armed, and it does not easily cover vehicles. Any other ideas?
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