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Found 8 results

  1. I've seen somewhere on this forum that Xenonauts will be available for Linux on steam does anyone know if this might be be when v19 goes stable? And once again I ask if it will be a REAL native Linux version (although this wine-wraper works quite well ) Cheers!
  2. Hello! Would someone kindly tell me whether I'm stupid? It appears the only way for me to access the experimental build is to welcome the grey bloated devil into my home - surely there's another place to download this content, right?
  3. Hello everyone, and good day to you. I found about the existence of this game while randomly browsing, And while I didn't know of X-COM 's existence (I was VERY young at the period where games actually HAD a gameplay value), This has struck me as interesting. A quick question though: While browsing the Kickstarter page when I was doing "research", I saw a physical copy offered at a certain pledging level. But then, when I was looking at the pre-order page, I only saw a digital download option. Frankly asking, Is it possible to buy a 'hard copy' of this game? (DVD Box, manual, etc.) - Because I am extremely interested and wouldn't mind paying more to get one. I'd be kinda dissapointed if they're no longer available. With utmost gratitute, Paranoia. (P.S.: Please excuse any flaws in my grammar. Non-native here. Sorry! )
  4. Hi. I'm about to purchase Xenonauts, but I had a question first. I read that was saying something like future sales will be done through HumbleBundle (or something like that), as well as Steam. Is the HumbleBundle version just a Steam version (so both would require Steam), is the the HumbleBundle version like other HumbleBundle versions, where you can just download it and play it directly on your computer without the need to log in? I have a Steam account, and am fine with Steam, but if the HumbleBundle version is 'independent' (not needing Steam), I'd prefer to get it from them. Also, is the HumbleBundle version only for the final, or will it be available for the 'early access' version? I'm getting it, either way... I'd just prefer a non-Steam (or, specifically, a non-sign in) version if it's available. No biggie, but that would be the preferred version for me. Just checking before I get it.
  5. Well, first of all, the game appear very interesting. However, I have been rather worried for a few reasons. To summarize? Although I am not against paid downloadable games, I am strictly opposed to Steam-style games (where all you buy is merely a permission to redownload the game every time you want to play and where you must have an internet connection at all time and the second the support vanish, you just wasted your money). So I want to know if Xenonauts will have an option that allow you to, you know, actually own the game. Thanks in advance. (P.S. I apologize in advance in case the question was already asked.)
  6. I pre-ordered Xenonauts last January and I don't believe I had the option to request a Steam Key. I hate Desura. I mean I absolutely despise it. I'd much, much rather have a Steam Key when the game is released. Will I have that option or am I going to be punished for being an early adopter?
  7. Might be a place to contact to sell more once that day comes http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/03/27/good-old-games-relaunches-as-gog-will-sell-indie-games-and-more-current-titles-drm-free/
  8. Okay, before you read the rest of this post, there's a webpage you need to go see. Go click on this link and read it if you don't know anything about Steam Greenlight. Back? Right then. I know that Chris announced that Goldhawk had got a deal to have Xenonauts on Steam. Goody goody. And this was announced a while ago. Even better. But now, with this new way of determining the order that Steam distributes games - a way which will fundamentally change some of the ways games will be distributed on Steam - will Goldhawk be retroactively required to undergo the new Steam greenlighting procedure? I'm not going to wave my arms about and start screaming, but I will be annoyed - with Steam - if Goldhawk has to do that.
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