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  1. I saw that I got my 7 day achievement award. Yay! I clicked on the notification to check it out and it said only 28% of the people made it to this milestone. Ouch! I've had more xenonaut troopers survive their first week.
  2. Love. Animation: The animation is really cool, both for your soldiers and the aliens. Soldiers especially feel as if you are controlling a person and not a robot. Sound effects: Great sound effects, I would go as far as to say they are near perfect. The aliens sound sooo alien it gives you the creeps. Interceptors: I love the new way in which the interceptor part of the game functions, it really beats all of the sorry efforts other games of this type have to offer. Immersion: It speaks for it's self, when even at this early stage in the games development it can grab you by the b******s and will not let go. Artwork: The artwork is really nice and fits the era perfectly. Hate. How I cannot play the full game yet, but I can wait. Dirty, smelly, horrible bugs. I want them dead.
  3. Who doesn't love zombies? I mean, how can you not? They always come to you with open arms, and a wide, toothy grin! Better yet, they never give up on trying to give you that 'special' hug you so deserve. I'm posting this here because earlier this year I created a Zombie D&D game (The Dead and the Damned). Not just regular D&D with zombies, but set in the modern world, where zombies run rampart and the characters must struggle to survive. Based of D&D 3.5, as well as 'The zombie hunters' web comic, and pretty much any other inspiration I could think of, I think I had a lot of the rules etc. down packed. However, while the basis of the game was there, it didn't have much of the story fleshed out, and only a few locations etc. (think dungeons), and characters, enemies, etc. So basically I have the rules, but none of the stuff that actually lets you play the game. So I was wondering if anyone here plays, and if they would be keen at all with helping me finish off the game. I in turn would then allow anyone who helped to use the rules and the game that we all collaborated on. I should also state, for the record, I have had no permission given to me from either D&D, the webcomic, or any other inspirations to use their ideas, as I intended it for personal use only. Therefor, if anyone does want to help with this, you would have to make sure that you do not try to profit from it in any way. So yeah, let me know if you're keen, and when I'm home in December I'll see about passing on the files I have!
  4. Just because I can, I thought I'd throw up a thread for a general yarn about TV. And in the spirit of getting to know people, let's aim at favourite shows. I confess to being crazy about sci-fi shows, bet you wouldn't have guessed that being into XCom and Xenonauts, but there ya go... So favourites: The obligatory Stargates (SG1, Atlantis and Universe - damn Sy-fy channel for dumping it in the 2nd season, ya for patched season ends that make comebacks at least possible. Star Trek (original series) and Next Gen, of course, Voyager wasn't bad never got into B5 of DS9 though Firefly, love Firefly The some curlies, Primeval, awesome little show, pity there isn't likely to be 6th season, and so far I am really liking Terra Nova. Other than Sci-fi, Big Bang Theory of course, Hawaii Five-0 (guilty - love me some Hawaii time), House - Hugh Laurie, nuff said ... Glee ... omg I blame my wife somewhat but I love music, so singing does it for me. Game of Thrones ... omg again. I hadn't read the books, watched the show, awesome... Have now read the first 2 books and have the rest, wow. Survivor and Amazing Race for my "reality" fix. Weird how completely artificial situations can be billed as reality TV but oh well. Anyway, that's all I can think of for now, what about the rest of you, either discuss or throw out your own favs
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