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Found 5 results

  1. Taken from modern-day salaries and with inflation calculated; I have reduced the salaries of all Xenonaut Staff closer to that of how how they'd be during the back-end of the Cold War. In addition I have overhauled the Vanilla Xenonaut Buildings for the sake of realism and balance. No longer will such a tiny Storage Room take a whole FIVE DAYS to build! No longer shall a Supercomputer be built in a mere TEN DAYS with cheap costs and NO Tracking capability! Today I present to you! The Building And Salaries Overhaul Mod for Community Edition v0.31 Installation: Extract to /Mods/ folder or use XCE's "Modding Tools" to install. Features: Increased Realism (duh, :3) Compatible with everything (Even X-Division) Buildings take more realistic times and costs to build. Salaries are more realistic to that of the Cold War time period. Better Defense Battery names! (example: Hydraulic Gauss Mega-Cannon) Base Building can prove to be more costly despite decreased cost for the initial construction. Quantum Cryptology Center now acts as a radar but takes longer to build and is more costly. Earlygame is easier on the player, but as new researches are researched things can become more costly. Tactical Notice(s): -New Fortified Command Center and three new buildings to aid the Xenonauts' survival. -Medical Centers heal soldiers quicker but hold the same number of soldiers as shown during Base Attacks. -Turrets take longer to build depending on how advanced they are so you might want to build them in advance! -Command Centers now let you station 8 Soldiers in them while the remainder of the base is being built. This means you can hire soldiers in advance and send them over to protect the new base before aliens can make that $250000 Command Center a waste of cash. Recommended for those who regularly play with XNT or X-Division installed. NOT Recommended for new players or those who are reluctant to build additional bases. THIS MOD IS ALSO NOW ON STEAM, IF YOU ARE A STEAM USER IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU GET THE MOD OVER THERE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE UPDATES TO THE MOD MUCH FASTER. (Link to Steam Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=367403073)
  2. Sorry for "noob question" but can not find any recipe / script to extend base building space (more than 6x6) in content of topics in the Forum GHI... Is it possible and how to do it? Thank you in advance
  3. If they don't already, I'd love to see aliens spawning indoors.
  4. Hi, While reading the Base Simplification thread, I had this idea for a building that would increase radar range by boosting the power available (which makes sense from a real world perspective), and it evolved into the Power Station. Power Stations would create power for boosting certain buildings performance. It would increase radar range, damage dealt by laser/plasma turrets (if they're in the game), and other things that would benefit from having much more power available. Even higher tier radar stations (I'm sure there will be some) could benefit from it, increasing range again. These power stations would require researching an alien power source, probably another research to learn how to make the building, and an amount of alenium per week to power it (I like the idea of it having a cost, it limits the use somewhat, and makes it more of a luxury, limited-deployment, specialty building, in a way). Since it would require spending alenium, it would have an option to turn it off if you wanted to conserve resources. It'd then sit there, useless, until you turned it back on, at which point your defenses and sensors would be boosted again. I'd say that it should have week cycles, that cost, say, two alenium per week (balancing would happen in beta) paid in full at the beginning of the week. So, if you wanted to turn it off, it would finish whatever cycle it was on (to avoid wasting alenium already spent) before it shut down. If you wanted to turn it on, it could take a few days to spool up before it starts eating alenium and producing power, so you'd have to plan ahead. The building would be 1x1 squares, and one power plant would provide the bonus to every applicable building on the base. (Having multiple power plants would, in theory, increase the boost even more, but that could get overpowered really quickly. Best play it safe.) I'd think that it would be more of a limited use building near the beginning of the game, but by end game you'd have so much alenium that you could have each base boosted by one of these all the time. (I don't know how much alenium one usually gets, as I've not played much, but based off of what I did UFO:EU it could work out that way.) Having this building would increase the choices the player can make early game. "Is it worth researching and building a power source, and then paying for it in alenium, to boost radar range, when you could build a base to cover that area instead (which can do so many more things than simply detect UFOs)? Do I want to spend alenium this month on powering it, or should I save it for a rainy day?" It would also reward players more for taking down UFOs and collecting alenium, and give them another way to spend it if they wanted. Thoughts?
  5. So, I'm curious as to how other people feel about taking cover in buildings and using windows as firing positions in Xenonauts? I remember in UFO:EU, a favourite tactic of mine was to storm a nearby building and fortify it, letting the aliens come to me to an extent. The building seemed to offer a great degree of protection, and setting soldiers up to reaction fire from windows as aliens entered their LOS was pretty exciting. In Xenonauts, I can't put my finger on why, but I feel as if being in a building actually hinders me more than anything else. The LOS through windows seems unclear and a little wonky, having to shoot the glass out before you can make a shot is a pain as your trooper often misses...and firing through a window seems to negatively affect your soldiers accuracy, which is completely unintuitive (firing through it from point blank, not squeezing a shot through it from a few tiles away). Are there any planned changes to their implementation? I'm not sure if these are classed as balance changes, so maybe they'll come later, but I'd personally like to see: - Visible indicators of LOS your soldiers will have through each window - Windows providing a higher cover bonus than most objects for a unit positioned adjacent to it - The current issue of windows you're firing from negatively affecting your shot being removed - A suppression penalty, so units positioned firing out of windows are actually easier to suppress (representing units outside 'buttoning up' the building to allow assault units to close in and giving a disadvantage to balance things out - Sturdier walls, especially with regard to ballistic weapons (a rifle shouldn't really be able to destroy walls at all. Give explosives a niche role) - 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor windows giving some kind of bonus to a shooter (range? accuracy? LOS?) I just think making buildings more appealing to control will open up a range of options for the player. When you land and scout the map, finding a 3 story building with good fields of fire would be a real bonus, and a priority target area to take and hold. Also, if the AI is smart enough to recognise these benefits too, the thought of having to breach and deal with an alien sniper firing on your troops seems pretty cool to me.
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