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Found 4 results

  1. I know the game is pretty much feature complete, but hey, maybe good ideas might get in later. Anyway, I feel the game is lacking training facilities. As it is, the only way to improve your rookies is to take them on combat missions. If you want to uphold garrisons in secondary bases, this involves some tedious micromanagement. You need to keep moving those people back and forth so they aren't completely useless if the base is attacked. For this reason, it would be nice to have training facilities you could build in a base. They would - very slowly! - increase stats of the soldiers present. Only soldiers 100% healthy would train. They might possible require a veteran to act as a trainer, the cap of the skill gain being the trainer's skills. This way you could let garrison soldiers and other recruits gain experience without tedious micro. Transferring veterans as trainers would be acceptable opportunity cost without being as micro-intensive as transferring grunts around en masse.
  2. Hi all, I cant place my living quarters on the outer edge of my base. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong? I can place it on the outer edge in a different base... Which doesnt really make sense to me. Are there rules for base building? If so where are they so I can plan my base out. Thanks!
  3. Researched the tech for Quantum Cryptology Center but I can't build, haven't seen anything about alien UFO missions either. The aircraft laser weapons seem to be gone as well, is this a bug or were they intentionally removed? Edit: Nvm found the Quantum Cryptology Center and it seems like the energy weapons are free now, doh
  4. Facilities should take a day or two to be deconstructed. Right now, you can deconstruct your entire base in 60 seconds if you know that a UFO is en-route.
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