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  1. didn't I find out about this game earlier?! Right, the title... But a retro-UFO is just awesome! Anyway chaps, I'm glad to be here now and greet everyone around. My suggestions: I would ask for as much realism as possible. This means that there should be answers to questions like "Why do the Aliens send one saucer after another instead of bombarding the planet and picking up what's left with a grand scale invasion without such risks and high losses as are to be estimated by sending one after another after another?" or "Why don't the aliens just manipulate the stupid humans into destroying themselves (which has been done by enough human nations before) instead of sending one saucer after another, making the humans aware of the aliens and giving the humans the opportunity to catch up on the alien's technology"? And this means that obvious tactical and strategic choices need to be answered one way or the other in the game too (bombardments, satellites, drones, space, why small teams, why only one defense organization monopoly etc.). Over the years I played all UFO games except for UFO Aftermath. The biggest mistakes that were made are in my opinion: boring and repetitive missions, periods without much felt progress in terms of research or new equipment especially in mid- to end-games, boring or ridiculous or comic-like aliens (especially in Apocalypse I still remember that marshmellow-thingie), not enough different hostiles and therefore boredom and repetitiveness, except for the original UFO:Enemy Unknown and UFO: AI mostly shallow base management, no diplomacy to speak of, ineffectice and therefore unusable vehicles and - finally - mostly a bad or repetitive tactical AI behaviour. I understand you are mostly finished with the game but hope that there is still an opportunity to enhance certain issues should they repeat those grand mistakes. In detail: - please no boring and repetitive missions (either many many maps, provide a map editor and I myself will gladly design some nice maps as I made the most balanced, most detailed, most realistic and best map for "Lords of Magic" or a proper map editor that works on coincidental creation for standard missions; better still a mixture of both) - a feeling of permanent progress meaning that at least every two or three missions there should be something, anything, new, either equipment or research - proper research where every research has some meaning and leads somewhere (I mostly ended up researching some techs like autopsies just to read the stuff and then reload to safe the time) - hostiles: please do design enough aliens and other hostiles (e.g. UFO Aftershock had 24 different hostiles, partly with different weapons and I found that that still was not enough as missions became boring) - please include a proper base management (possibility to have several bases with full options like choosing the position of the lift etc. like in the original, several floors would be nice, why not a special base organization screen, upgrades for certain base equipment would be nice, UFO AFterlight did that pretty well) - diplomacy (nations do have interests - might these even be insane from certain points of view - you know, plus dimensions like religion which I liked about UFO Aftershock a lot this would give the opportunity for special missions too) - please, oh pretty please do involve usable vehicles and - even better - drones. I loved the drones in Afterlight, unfortunately there is no UFO game that implemented any usable vehicle or drone. Ever. They could never make up with soldiers, not in terms of costs, firepower, flexibility - even in comparison to rookies - and I never used them at all except for trying them out and being disappointed afterwards. What about a drone slot in a higher tech level transport that can only be fitted with a drone, being recon or fighting? -AI: aliens and their devices should behave differently and evolve during the game, especially after experiencing failure. Don't you think that the aliens would not adapt their strategy and tactics quite fast? - It would be nice to have certain social or political pressure, too. Why not other, especially private, defense organizations, that want to earn some money too? Nations that try to overpower others if there's a power vacuum or which would grab that oil rich border area? Religious radicals or alien lovers (I liked that about Aftershock a lot)? Such things would certainly happen, don't you agree? - personalisation and identification with your staff is a must - I would love to play at least a few missions real hardball meaning that a lot of firepower is needed to overcome the aliens resulting in great destruction of the surrounding area. And no, I do not want to kill any civilians in the process. Cheers!
  2. Can you have it where the AI doesn't run in front of a tank during its turn? It seems like they have a death wish when they run between me and a hostile alien that's about to shoot the tank. It seems like they run around randomly a little much. Or do they run in a general direction (like away from the aliens)?
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to easily modify the tactical AI of the game, by simply unpacking files and editing text files as for UFO:Extraterrestrials? Wishful thinking: a contest where people would develop tactical AIs and have them fight it out in skirmishes. Basically, a very cool version of the Google "Ants AI challenge".
  4. Hi. Will this game have a visibility arc for units in tactical combat? Currently there is no way to get to an alien from behind - he will react fire at your soldier as if he has eyes on his back. Sorry if this was already brought up...
  5. Hi, first of all, this project looks very encouraging, finally my hope is that there will be a worthy x-com successor now Also thinking to support you via pre-ordering. I have just one question: What kind of priority has a good AI in your development? Unfortunately, most - also strategic/tactical - games, have an inferior or quite static/boring AI. Do you plan to develop a dynamic/unpredictable AI (tactical ground combat), which also does not cheat?
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