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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings and hello from north, you guys. I'm a huge fan of X-Com games. I've played the original trilogy a kajillion times and it always felt like the first time. But my favourite is TFTD. Why? Because of it's size. It was huge, i spent like a week playing it. And this is why i have a tiny claim for you, guys. The Xenonauts must and should be BIGGER. More research (2 or even 3 times more), more missions, more UFOs (and not in waves like now, but like in the originals - a one or a couple through a random amount of time - to keep the player awake), more tech (weapons, vehicles, armor), more aircraft, more EVERYTHING. Well, that was it. Now - to the serious part. I'm surprisingly confused by the alien behaviour. As for battlescape - ok, big AI improvemets coming, too early to say anything, i'm ok with that. But as for Geoscape - what's with the waves, guys? I have 8 bases around the globe (1 main and 7 other - 3 hangars, missile silo, storeroom and a radar) and i end up with 3-7 days calm and after that - surprise, motherlover - globe full of red signatures (around 7-10 ufos each time). At the start it was ok, a new thing for me, but later it became routine. Why don't you guys make ufo spawning a little bit more random? I mean - combine waves and behaviour from the original game. It would be interesting and awesome, just imagine: me sitting, waiting for the research to finish, just shot 5 small scouts, no big deal when suddenly - shpow! - a cruiser. And me sitting my pants, losing my squadrons one by one in hope of shotting down this monstrosity if i want a huge research breakthrough in my early game. Or just ignoring it and getting nothing. And i would like to end my post by saying - thank you guys. When i played v19 after bying it on steam, i was surprised - such a small price for such an awesome game. You are doing a great job. As for the new FIRAXIS game - it's decent, but it's tiny for me. Completed it in two evenings. No big deal. P.S. I got problem tho. My saves refuse to load and crash after some point in the game. It happened with v19 stable, it happened now with v20.5. Even the saves that were made BEFORE that presumable point. But when i start a new game and save it - it saves and loads just fine. I read through all of the forum but couldn't fing anything on solving this issue. P.P.S. Arr, finish the game already so i can start making The Red X-Com: Project Zastava mod. P.P.P.S. The new UI is really sweet. You're a real genius, Chris (:
  2. In every game so far, the aliens focus the majority of their attack on Australia and it really kills my funding. Has anyone else noticed they're taking out the most dangerous continent in the world first? That leads to another question, what happens if funding reaches 0 for a country? Do they opt out?
  3. I was reading the story and it struck me as odd why humans in the game are fighting the aliens so fanatically. First the humans attack the survivors of a downed space ship, then shoot down survey ships carrying non-combatants, then finally launch nuclear weapons at landed ships that destroy both humans and aliens alike. All this as a response for aliens taking a few dozen humans. For all we know, the aliens could have just wanted to mine some natural gas at the north pole or something.
  4. While im realy engoying the game, the wave like invasion is killing the imersion a bit.... what i mean by this is that when a new kind of ship apears the brevious ship disapears.... it would be better in my opinion if things like courvettes and cruisers were present for the rest of the invasion from the 1st sighting rather than just disapearing.. also if the aliens have thousands of heavy and regular fighters i find it unlikely that they would completely replace them with interceptors
  5. http://www.amazon.ca/Alien-Invasion-Survival-Handbook-Extraterrestrial/dp/1600611621#reader_1600611621
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