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Found 5 results

  1. I do like to put snipers on the roofs, but sometimes it's confusing why i can't shoot somebody. Accuracy line helps, but it's a bit messy and hard-readable when aiming from the roof down below. Can we has this? Or use darker tint for tiles that belong to different z-level than selected.
  2. I wasn't exactly sure where to put this, as its a "How do i" question which doesn't fit into any of the below forum sections ... I noticed the game gives you the option of storing AP for snap shot, aimed shot, burst etc ... but my question is ... HOW ... do I change between shots, I've noticed at a similar range my riflemen have a better accuracy than my snipers ... I'm sure this shouldn't be the case, So how do i tell soldiers to aim their shots rather than just spray and pray? Thanks to everyone in advance!
  3. While playing a night mission, my soldier could see the alien at night, but i could not see him as it was too dark. So the only way to find him was to click the Alien Sighted icon and it would center over the alien. From here, you must scroll around a bit to find your target, sometimes proving difficult especially if they have an obstacle in front of them and/or are behind cover. It would be great if we could auto target the alien with Fire Mode. Maybe when i click the Alien icon while i have my xenonaut/hunter etc. on fire mode and have it point directly at the alien instead of having to scroll over him would be great =)
  4. I can fire the Hunter machineguns at a wall if I want to, but I can't fire a burst from a assault rifle at a wall, etc... Is this supposed to be the way it works? If not, someone (me) needs to file a bug report. If I remember right you could area fire any weapon in the original XCom.
  5. Hi Xeno folks! I was thinking that it would be cool if we had this option to choose where we want to shoot (Head, Eyes, Torso...), like in Fallout. Don't know if it's possible at this stage of development, but it would be great!
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