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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, My name's Michael, I'm new to this forum and I may or may not have done something wrong. I am about..eh, 4 months into my first campaign? and I've lost Europe so far, I'm not doing that good, And I wanted to finish development of a fighter I was building, So I went into the gameconfig XML and enabled the item cheat, added a few items, and sold them off for enough to get the fighter, And give my B team full jackal armor (It's month 4 and the only team I have that can go through and murder everything is in the US, I am considering moving them to the Soviet union just for the fact that Ravenrock has double the sensors, and a lot more ground to cover, but I'm keeping them in the US for RP purposes for the moment). Now I am not a cheater by any means, I play games like Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden for fun, Not that I am bragging, so please do not hold this one time offense against me. (except if there was a cheat to enable the ability to regain a continent once I lost it? I'd do it again, and again...not an instant mind you, just the ability to earn it) Now onto the actual meat of the issue, and why I am posting tonight..since I turned off the cheat, a new interface popped up on the Geoscape, showing a bunch of numbers, and giving me the option to see all UFO's wherever they are, any time, and bases, and find out their mission without the sensor upgrade..Now, This irritates me, as I said I do not like to cheat unless I feel it is needed, And being able to see all UFO's I feel is somewhat gamebreaking, and really distracting. All I am asking for is a copy of the original XML file, Or a way to turn this off, I have no idea how this interface turned on, I've tried enabling the cheat and disabling it again, it hasn't worked, and I'm wondering what I should do, If someone could please help me with this I would be greatly appreciative Mind you I am not asking how to enable a cheat, or mod, I am asking how to disable a distracting cheat, and frankly one that would break the game somewhat.
  2. I have been looking for the xml files in which to make my own changes to the game. However, when I look in the computer: program files x86: steam: steam apps: common: xenonauts: assets: I find that there are no files with ".XML" at the end of them. Instead, I get internet links to view the files, but can't actually change any of them since they are just internet links. I don't know why this is, and any advice on how to get past this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks~
  3. I've added copies of the 5 laser weapons and changed them all to "advanced laser"....etc. But I cant figure out how to change the research screens title/descriptions. See images below. I simply want to change "Laser Weaponry" to "Advanced Laser Weaponry" for my new research/items. Any ideas? I've tried adding entries into researches.xml and strings.xml....but Im lost.
  4. Snip - got it sorted. Thanks for the tip Max!
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