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    I live in Montana. The safest and most secure place on the planet in the event of a zombie apocalypse.. considering as how EVERYBODY owns at least four different firearms.
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    Great Falls
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    dart throwing, knife throwing, trap shooting, and video games
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    employee at benefis hospital
  1. Oh! Thank you so much haha. And thanks for the quick reply! That was like five minutes but yup, that did it. Thanks again
  2. I have been looking for the xml files in which to make my own changes to the game. However, when I look in the computer: program files x86: steam: steam apps: common: xenonauts: assets: I find that there are no files with ".XML" at the end of them. Instead, I get internet links to view the files, but can't actually change any of them since they are just internet links. I don't know why this is, and any advice on how to get past this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks~
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