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Found 5 results

  1. So I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but occasionally I find that a Xenonaut who was shot and knocked to the ground survive at the end of the mission. Does this mean they were not fatally shot? I've also noticed that sometimes their body does not show up in the inventory screen until a few turns later. So if they can be wounded on the ground, is it possible to stabilize them?
  2. As per the title. It's meant to be a subtle way of pointing out that the poor xenonaut isn't in good shape, without being something obnoxious like a heavily red tinted screen.
  3. Well i m just out of a play: Soldier get wounded -40 HP. Soldier get healed +20 HP same round Soldier true gain of HP: 10 Following round. Understanding this: Priceless... Thank you in advance.
  4. was playing last night and after shooting an aliens about 20 times I got to thinking about stat loss after injury, is it going to be implemented for both player and alien or is it already there in some form?
  5. hey i have a question, i remember from the original x-com that a wounded soldier could recieve fatal wounds and basicly bleed to death if you dont have medpack or finish the mision fast enough. now my question is do the xenonaut soldiers have a chanse to get a fatal wound when they are hit and dont die? i dont have any demo or alpha or anything i'm just going to buy the game when it comes out that is for sure but i'm just a bit curious thank you
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