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Found 11 results

  1. If I recall correctly pre-release version had a sight range bonus for being on higher ground, why is it removed ? It's ridiculous, and a sebilian standing in open field, with bad eyesight as xenopedia says, can see and shoot at my hovering soldier with a bleeding edge headgear on, but not the other way round. I'm all for hardcore xcom, but limitations such as this look to me like punching player in teeth just because "xcom:eu is for wussies, we be making real xcom cuz its hard hurr durr, and yeah we make computer cheat to know your soldiers' exact location and remaining action points because it's cheaper than to program a half decent AI" Anyway, is there a way to get LOS at least as long as of aliens' ?
  2. This game is fantastic, but there are some very strange design decision that need to be fixed. One small detail, but of particular annoyance, is the fact that we cannot see enemy outlines when the fixed camera puts them behind something. I'm not saying that we should be able to see EVERY enemy's outline, but if they are in a soldier's field of view, then the game must let me see them. I've been through the same situation over and over again: enemy behind a building is seen by a soldier, but the camera won't let me see it. Then I spent the next 5 minutes TRYING TO hover the mouse on top of that enemy to see hit percentages and such. This is. Just. Not. Fun. So there you go. Small tweak, huge profit.
  3. -) Make it either possible to see through walls (in a UI sense!) or rotate the camera. Because it's really shitty whenever an enemy is behind a wall... -) List the actual items when notifying for "items have arrived at base" (I believe even the original X-COM said that e.g. "X scientists have arrived") -) The "suppressed sign" should always 100% visible, even if it's in fog of war -) Alt+tab seems to offset the mouse cursor upon returning to game (e.g. not exactly handy for writing notes such as these )
  4. I love that now the buildings or whatever that would be blocking the view of the soldiers now becomes transparant, but it leaves a problem still and it's movement. It would be great that if you now mouse-over something you get a see-through instead so that you can easily move your soldiers around. This would be really helpful.
  5. So sometimes I was able to see inside crashed scouts, once I had line of sight through the door I could press the roof button and it worked like any other building. Now I'm breaching corvettes and I can't see anything. Shots come from nowhere, the texture of the floor inside the ship that's visible through the door is the same as the dirt floor, and when I put soldiers inside I'm flying blind and they all get killed Is this a glitch, or am I missing something? Is there any workaround? Thank you
  6. In current build (V18 hotfix 1) a building has the roof "removed" when a soldier enters it. This is nice. But, I think the roof should disappear also when the mouse hovers over it. Currently, it is very annoying to try to go back into a building you have been in before since you have to step inside it first. The hangars on the desert/military base maps are a good example.
  7. After playing some more, I have come across a couple of things I would like to see in the final release: - UI: button to jump to next soldier to move in missions when finished with one, preferably one that had not moved in the vicinity of the last one - Visibility: it would be good if you could see people (and aliens) through the walls in some way; I am referring to the trouble, when you go around a corner and stand close to a wall, that you cannot really see your own soldier; if you notice something else there it could be as well a civilian as an alien. I would say that an outline in green/red (friend/foe) might be useful. In the MMO "Ultima Online" which uses the same perspective, you get the option to "see through walls", when you move behind one. That would be the best, but probably too tricky?
  8. Make a red border around the aliens! If the mission at night, the aliens are not visible in the dark - not very convenient
  9. So, Any Idea what the plan is for wall blocking the visual of my soldiers and Aliens? Anytime you have an entity next to a wall/building on the NW or NE facings, its is near impossible to see them. And when you are moving a solider for example down the sidewalk on the NE facing, you can't see the colored blocks denoting the movement costs/reserve left over. I would assume this would need to have a way to have walls cut away when there is someone there, but that would be too obvious when there is an Alien standing there. perhaps .. I dunno actually
  10. A little short, isn't it? It seems like the xenonauts are pretty near-sighted compared to X-Com operatives. Comparing xenonauts alpha gameplay footage to X-Com gameplay makes it look like X-Com operatives can see almost twice as far away as the xenonauts can. Is it possible that xenonaut sight range could increase before final release?
  11. Fog Of War is ok but level should stay visible once we discover it. Just level not the characters. Sometimes we dont know where we have been. It will be very useful.
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