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Found 6 results

  1. Firstly, if you do not know how to access the experimental branch on Steam, please read the instructions (and warnings!) in this thread. All saved games from earlier versions (including experimental versions) are incompatible, attempting to load them will cause problems. This build is our candidate for promotion to the main Steam branch next week, unless any show-stopping bugs are found. It is mainly bug fixes, the most notable being that we think we have fixed the "cheating AI" bug where aliens could use more TUs while suppressed than they should have access to. Balance wise not a lot has changed, aside from the tweak to the economy to de-emphasise crash site loot versus national funding; there's also a few air combat changes aimed at making Foxtrots less able to deal with fighters. If all goes well and no major bugs have appeared by tomorrow afternoon, then I will post a "warning" thread in this forum to let Steam users who are still on the main branch know (via the RSS feed in the launcher) that their saved games will be invalidated come this time next week when we promote the new build to the main branch. The V18 Stable build will be made available as a "legacy" branch for people who want to finish their saved games on it. Here is the changelog: Fixes - Fixed AI "cheating" to get more TUs when suppressed. The specific problem was if they had the AP for any type of shot they could upgrade it to burst fire for "free" - Fixed relocating wounded soldiers causing saved game corruption - Trying to change the equipment of soldiers at a secondary base should no longer cause a crash - Equipping Predator armour no longer destroys equipped incompatible weapons (they are just un-equipped) - Rocket launchers should now be loaded when equipped from loadout - The correct sets of aliens should now be loaded for all UFOs (no more empty Battleships/Carriers!) - Another fix for air combat against escorted UFOs that fixes "zombie" fighters and a crash - Much better distribution of aliens in alien base missions, far fewer of them will spawn in command rooms - Line of site blocking smoke grenades now also block accuracy 100% (this fixes aliens reaction firing through smoke) - Praetor leaders should now correctly spawn in Battleships - I spent an agonising day manually fixing, re-timing and re-aligning each and every Andron animation (only 6 more races to go...) - Jetpack troopers should no longer be able to fly down through sloped roof buildings on farm maps - If base defenses shoot down a UFO, the popup should no longer be non-dismissable - Fixed a manufacturing issue that allowed you to get multiple items for the cost of one item - You can now transfer items of 0 value (Aircraft guns etc...) - Fixed crash on later Terror Sites (caused by missing Valkyrie dropship landing area) - Changed several of the larger farm props to be crushable by vehicles - Alien/Civilians now face different directions on mission start, rather than all NW - Alien bases now correctly contain a base core that can be recovered and researched (also grants some Alenium/Alloys) - Internal fix to spectres so that when the damaged state has 0 HP it is considered an "invulnerable" state, rather than being skipped - Airborne soldiers should not be able to stop/shoot in midair (reaction fire still stops them, jet packs due for an overhaul later anyway) - Alien inventories were not preserved when loading a saved game (no immediate effect, but important for alien grenades to be implemented) Additions - Large number of final painted over tiles for alien bases, including damaged/destroyed versions - Final alien drone autopsy images - The Geoscape UI now has an "objective" to guide players one what they should try to do next - New style of Geoscape icons (only partially finished thus far) Balance Ground Combat: - Reduced AP cost of Hunter MG to 30, slightly increased damage and increased suppression significantly - Increased Hunter rocket count from 4 to 8 (the rockets are stacked like matroshka dolls, before anyone says anything) - Reduced spread radius of smoke grenades from 4 to 3, and reduced the longevity of smoke clouds - The alien heavy plasma rifle has been given 50 armour mitigation to boosts its performance versus later Xenonaut armours - Hypervelocity weapons have all been disabled; long term they may be re-enabled, but they were taking too much dev time right now - Sniper rifles have received a 25% damage increase (to counter the loss of HV properties) Geoscape: - Increased the initial funding provided by backer nations by about 50% - The value of recoverable alien technology reduced by 50% - Reduced speed and turn rate of Xenonaut aircraft torpedoes - Reduced aircraft evasive roll cool down to 1 second (from 4) - Increased range and damage of alien fighter missiles, but reduced turn-rate Please post your comments on the build here. If you encounter any bugs please post them in the experimental build sub-forum of the bugs forum. I will post new threads in the beta forum shortly for in-depth discussion of the current Geoscape and Ground Combat balance, but feel free to post brief opinions here too. UPDATE: Just did a small patch to fix starting out with a pre-built Hunter.
  2. Bug one: Stun grenades cause CTD sometimes. So far I've only seen this with when using them on lizards. Bug two: There is an issue where your main weapon is removed whenever you try to assign a new role to a soldier. It's driving me bonkers. Of you can manual put the main weapon on the guy, but yeesh... Bug three: For some reason I simply cannot use the med kit when a soldier is right by a door way in a base. It just won't allow to "aim" for the soldier. I have more him out into the open to heal him. Also, the med kits are doing weird stuff from time to time where I can only heal a few points no matter how much TU I dial in.
  3. I've been itching to give Xenonauts a go for ages, but I've been waiting for a point of "reasonable balance" to make my first run. I know it's an enormous amount of work and crucial to a good strategy game. What's the condition of the latest build on Steam? Is it getting pretty balanced or does it still have a ways to go? Is there a new beta imminent?
  4. Since 3 incidents, very much in the vein of the original X-Com just happened to me in this mission I felt I should make a post about it in case there's some simple tweaks to the AI that still need to be made. 1. Early on I had a alien spawning inside a hayball. Not sure he was able to move, I basically pointed guns in the position he should be until he was dead, dead, dead. Me likes target practice. 2. Even earlier a silly farmer ran from his position into open fire...twice. And died. Did he died? Yes he did, me thinks a civilian farmer knows how fire looks and knows its bad, bad, bad. So why did he go there? Why oh why indeed. Stop giving me negative points I cant prevent, you civilian silly-person you. 3. Oh holy Spagetti Monster!, first time ever in Xenonauts, but I just had what I thought was a regular "killing the UFO crew sweep and mission end"- moment but it was about to drag on forever. There was a missed alien somewhere, spent almost 10 rounds sweeping the map for the last bugger hiding in a dark shadow close to my drop ship of all things. He must have lost his purse. I almost felt like I was back on a X-Com Terrors from the Deep Ship Mission. Everything missing was a dark spot behind some fridge in the kitchen. ye'all know what Im talking about. Yay for nostalgia.
  5. Ohh Snap looks whos back! I been reading the Bugs section and it looks like this game is still suffering from serious bug issues. I was wondering what the NEW players think of the game and which bug is the one that has broken the game for them if any? Can you go through the entire game yet, or its not complete yet? Thanks inadvance. Please rate the game from a 0-10. I wanna get an idea of where the game is from NEW players. Thanks.
  6. I can't look now, I'm at work. But if someone could inform ME by posting some AARs;)...
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