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Found 8 results

  1. I have purchased the game on STEAM, but the version is V19, and how to update to V20
  2. http://www.xenonauts.com/ front page. Link goes to Rock, Paper, Shotgun site, article dated October 1st, 2011. News section May? It's september now! Maybe developers do not want anyone to buy this game because whole project seems as dead as X-com project after all countries have signed secret pacts with aliens. We have have lot to do blah blah, people can always find updates and news from forums blah blah, piracy is ruining game industry blah blah... I don't know if developers really want this project to be very small and don't want any more funding for this game. If not, at least some news updates would really help to get customers and attention. With so many game projects really dead, many people don't bother to check forums on anywhere else is news section is so outdated. It would be shame if this project collapses just because developers don't have 2 minutes per month to update news section. You have been adviced.
  3. To be honest, at first I wanted to use some other adjective than "less than optimal", but then I thought that I would probably be scolded if I started to swear. Anyway, using the Desura updater is painful (at least for me). First it takes 45 minutes or so to verify the files, before the actual download starts. Then the download stops after 25%-50% with some "connection lost" error message. Which leads Desura back to checking the files (45 minutes again) and starting the download again. And after ~3 hours this had happened three times and I gave up in despair I well aware that this might not be Xenonauts fault in any way, after all it is the Desura updater, but since this is my only game on Desura, I elected to place my rant on this forum. Lucky goldhawkinteractive!
  4. I just installed Desura and saw that the Xenonauts alpha was about 2.1 GB in size. This is not a problem, but my bandwidth is capped, and I can't afford to download large (~500 MB) updates on a weekly basis. Can anyone tell me how frequent build updates are nowadays and how big they are on average? I've been meaning to dig into the alpha but can't handle large (and frequent) downloads.
  5. downloading this game is the first time I've come across desura, I've never been a fan of having to be connected to the internet to play single player games but I guess that's a sign of the times. That being said it seems I can't get it to run the game again and I find that half the time i don't know if it's a problem with the game or that there is a problem with desura. what's your thoughts guys ??
  6. Alright, I'm new to Desura. I got a message about an update for Xenonauts a few days (maybe a week, time sure flies) ago, and then just an hour ago, but when I click the bubble, nothing happens and it says I have no updates. Am I going crazy? What should I do? We're not due for a big update for a while now... so what are these updates?
  7. Just throwing this out there, could we get an email when ever you update? Like just add an option to our profiles to say "YES I WANT TO KNOW WHEN YOU UPDATE BECAUSE I LOVE THIS GAME!" or something like that I just find it hard to keep track.... Like it took me almost a week to see that 9.4 came out.
  8. So I paid for the alpha access, but now I'm wondering: How do you know when a new build comes out? Is it always a news-post on the front page? Is there some thread with new alpha releases and version notes? How can we, as alpha participants, keep up with everything that is changing build to build?
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