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  1. to the people that made this game, I am so so thankful. When I was a kid I played the original X-com on a old 486, the game ran on dos. To this day it remains one of the classics that I will never forget regardless of the generation. I have played the patched modern versions and, I have always had problems. This is a real piece of nostalgia and, I have paid for your game. Everything is almost as is, I am understanding that it couldn't be replicated because of not only the original but you had put so much time in undertaking this game. I am wondering if there is a system to get in touch with the mod people or the devs because I have found that I would like to add things while keeping to the original vision of the devs as much as possible. I am someone who is not rich or can code but am willing to pay for features that would bring me even more into the past. 1) geoscape, 3d detailed earth from space as much as historically possible to the time in which the game takes place. 2) Blaster launcher (homage to those who know) 3) easier system to mod characters to appear randomly. IE: solid snake, Cloud Strife, assorted anime characters. bruce wills. Videogame cameos. bruce lee, laracroft, tifa, masterchief! 4) destructible UFO's I know there is a mod but would like to see it in game out of gate. 5) real character languages, this is a multinational force. I am not a coder. but I love this game. I would pay 30 bucks for a offical add on right now if the above were possible. X-com is a true classic. thanks so much for all the hard work.
  2. Save: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64975302/bug%20Weird%20los.sav So my guy outside the UFO can see through the wall of the UFO: spotting the aliens inside. The was an issue before I explored the UFO. I kept thinking there was a stuck alien in the hull of the UFO somehow, but it ended up just being an invisible hole in the side of the UFO instead. Hope it shows up in the save.
  3. Played V19 stable When Ufo lands, I assumed it was so that i could assault it with my soldiers squad, like in original xcom, (fight more aliens, loot undamaged ufo). But it didn't work, when my transport reaches the landed ufo it just takes to the air, destroys the transport and flies away. As landed ufos cannot be attacked by interceptors either, it is very frustrating. Please make landed ufos assaultable.
  4. Seriously. I heard people here mentioning it once and a while so I looked it up. It's.. like the best thing I've ever seen. Where has this been my whole life? Only problem is I can't launch an interceptor without getting that song in my head.
  5. A look at the influences and sources of one of the most inspired computer games. “I remember going out and buying a video tape of the old Gerry Anderson UFO TV series, and the thing that inspired me from that was the idea of having a worldwide organisation that was set up to stop this alien menace.”- Julian Gollop When Rebelstar Raiders creator, Julian Gollop, approached Microprose with ideas for a sequel to his Laser Squad title, it was suggested that the tactical, turn based game should take on a much larger scope, in keeping with games like Civilisation. From that meeting it was decided that the theme of protecting Earth from the threat of UFOs would supply the general strategic background to the title. Gollop combined elements of Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation TV shows, particularly UFO, with themes from UFOlogy, especially books by Timothy Good such as Above Top Secret and Alien Liaison. There are many themes relating to UFOlogy within X-Com. They combine in subtle ways, to provide an intriguing and unsettling backdrop against which to combat the alien forces, attempting to dominate the planet. This series of posts looks at the game and highlights its sources. The many elements used by Gollop often provide a more coherent background than a subject that is rife with hoaxes and disinformation. Organisations “Many elements of this UFOlogy went into the game, and the concept of X-Com as a secretly funded organisation is based on the alleged existence of MJ12, a government sponsored group of leading scientists and military personnel.”- Julian Gollop [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] [/td] [td] Formation Both X-Com, (Extraterrestrial Combat Unit), and SHADO, (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation), have very similar backgrounds. Both are clandestine organisations formed to combat the growing threat that unidentified flying objects and related events pose to humanity. It is a threat that is considered to be beyond the capabilities of a single nation to combat. In both backgrounds we have attempts by individual countries to find out more about the aliens. The X-Com background has Kiryu-Kai fail to successfully intercept a single craft. In UFO it is a British cabinet minister who is killed upon receiving firm evidence of the aliens’ existence. They both realise a larger organisation is required. In UFOlogy, Majestic -12 was formed from the US military elite following the key event of the Roswell incident of 1947, where an alien craft crash landed into the New Mexico desert. Majestic -12 operates within the largest military budget on the planet, from a country with a strong global military and industrial links. The inherent irony of X-Com is that you are controlling an organisation that in UFOlogy circles are considered to be the bad guys. The secretive, manipulative conspiracy based group are just who are needed in the world’s hour of need. Both SHADO & X-COM operate on a global scale with impressive funding and the ability to recruit the best personnel and the most advanced weaponry and facilities. A month after its inception, X-COM makes its first successful alien interception. UFO also begins at a key moment, the first capture of a live alien. This event justifies the ten years that Commander Straker has spent building up the organisation. Majestic -12 would operate within the world of the escalating Cold War, where any potential threat to security was investigated. The feeling of escalation, and overwhelming dread, is a common theme throughout all three organisations. [/td] [td] [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] [/td] [td] Base of Operations X-Com allows for the creation of underground bases across the world, with the option to construct and manage a number of facilities. Likewise, in UFO, SHADO operated from an underground base, 80ft beneath the cover of a film studio outside London. The head of SHADO HQ, Commander Straker, accesses the base via an access lift which doubles as his office. In X-Com the key access point to the base is the Access Lift. In UFOlogy, there are endless debates over what the facilities are at secret US government installations, and not so secret installations such as Area-51, in the Nevada Test & Training Range. Area 51 has long links with test flying the latest of US military aircraft; craft so unusual as to be considered beyond the capabilities of man. As with the other two organisations, the bulk of the facilities are considered to be underground. The Cold War resulted in numerous nations building secret underground facilities to be used in case of nuclear attack or for other clandestine purposes. Alien bases, constructed with the assistance of the USS government are also invariably placed well underground. Following the UFO crashes of the late 1940s there have also been rumours of facilities in which the aliens survived in captivity, the equivalent of X-Com’s Alien Containment.[/td] [td] [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] [/td] [td] Starting Troops Both X-Com and UFO feature coverall clad personnel disembarking from cramped vehicles into the sights and range of aliens and their craft. Their goals are invariably to capture or kill all aliens present and secure their equipment and craft for the retrieval teams. In Majestic -12 the retrieval teams are also the ground troops of their organisation, with Red and Blue teams assigned to secure evidence and knowledge. They follow the procedures contained within the Special Operations Manual. A copy of the manual dated 1954 has been leaked. UFO frequently showed a blend of all colours and genders, which had an influence in the personnel available for X-Com missions. They are led by Commander Straker, and Commander is also the top rank in X-Com. One of the main inherent strengths of X-Com is that is not only captures one state of it’s world and organisation, but can develop them over time adding the fruits of it’s research to better arm and equip its soldiers. Claims by retired Colonel Phillip Corso state that a number of technological advancements, such as fibre optics, have been made from retrieved alien technology. [/td] [td] [/td] [/tr] [td] [/td] [td] Funding “X-Com, however, is a truly international force funded by many countries.“- Julian Gollop Despite the Earth being under attack, X-Com does not operate with infinite resources. It’s funding is carefully controlled by a group of funding nations. X-Com is provided with a strict budget. The funding nations alter the funding levels based on the success of X-Com or the level of alien influence within their own boundaries. This mirrors the UFO series where SHADO’s purse strings were controlled by the International Astro-physical Commission. Its chairman General Henderson regularly reminded Straker about the possibility of funding being withdrawn without progress being made against the alien threat. [/td] [td] [/td] [/table]
  6. Well, in a normal level mission against a light scout, I came back with three critically wounded, and one soldier very lucky to be alive. Very lucky indeed as he practically tripped on one of them at the end of a turn. Caesians use the defensive cover well. All of the live ones were out of the ship They attacked in numbers They were in sneakier positions (farm map) They supported each others fire I'm glad 3 of the 7 died in the crash. I'm glad that sniper rifles have been buffed a little in damage. That probably saved a life or two. I was a little more aggressive than usual, but not terribly, so a pleasant (and yet unpleasant at the same time ) surprise. I may have to invest in some armour in this build.
  7. First UFO spotted. 2 Condors sent to intercept. UFO lands. I send the Chinook. Then I completely forget my own advice and don;t send it to a waypoint. UFO takes off just as the Chinook approaches. Quite a few survivors from what I could see before the reload Second time out.. Use the waypoint for the Chinook. UFO takes off and lands again. Chinook intercepts without a problem. Pretty daunting for a new player though, I'd imagine?
  8. UFO (Light Scout) door opened. Smoke grenade thrown in. Door closed. Next round door opened, but couldn’t see into the UFO. It didn’t become transparent, making the next turn awkward trying to access the UFO.
  9. Following a round when the door has been opened and then closed, the player is still able to see alien movements within the ship.
  10. i'm trying to throw a grenade inside medium ufo through a door that has no "open" tooltip (the door that separates furthest section of this ufo). I'm throwing it by cpt. JONATHAN VESSEY to closest alien. See savegames - this one for throwing grenade and this one for door with no tooltip. Grenade just flies out of the ufo and explodes at top left map corner
  11. Hi everyone, I just finished my first session playing Xenonauts pre-release and as always as of late I streamed it live on twitch! This was my first look at the game, having followed the development at a distance for quite some time. I recently started a Classic XCOM-series and the timing was just right as the Xenonaut pre-release hit just afterwards. I had a lot of fun playing the game and I will be continuing to stream content featuring Xenonauts in the future. I try to give a lot of commentary about game features in my stream, but it could also be interesting just to see how someone completely new to the game (but not to the XCOM-series) reacts when playing. Since I am playing a lot of UFO right now I make a lot of comparisons between the games, sorry about that - but it's all honest opinions with no ill intent. Please give me some feedback, and maybe you can answer some of the questions and thoughts I had during the stream! Channel - www.twitch.tv/jsbgame Episode 1 Episode 2 part 2
  12. I found this out the other day watching the interview with the original maker of XCom and the Firaxis bone head who bastardized it. UFO was a cheesy British television series in the 70's. Watch the first episode and tell me if you spot the Geoscape map! [video=youtube;4-5GAY7JfWU] Just awesome, but be warned... the sexism is OFF THE PLANET!!!
  13. *FOR VERSION 18 hotfix 2* Hey, one bug ive found (or at least I think its a bug) is when im on UFO crashsite missions. In the end statistics, getting points for 'ufo secured' seems to happen at random. In some cases I have not gotten it, even with several troops both in and around the ufo. Other times, ive gotten it when i completed the mission without even seeing the ufo on the map! Not sure if the score after missions affects relations and monthly income increase, but if thats the case, then this is a bit of an issue. Just thought id let you guys know . Keep up the good work!
  14. Landed UFO Desert map Aliens Unknown Second Xenonaut turn. Two alien icons appear (possibly inside UFO, although there's no direct sight) Machine gun fires directly at UFO door. CTD
  15. Don't you think they are incredibly hard? I mean, they are too fast and the lucky time you DO catch up to them, they just shoot 3 of your aircraft down easily
  16. We've read that Xenonauts will not be going into the same sort of UFOlogical territory as X-Com, preferring to chart it's own course. Well, as far as it's able to as pretty much everything that was X-Com was rooted in UFOlogy. Yet, something was bothering me about the Alien Invaders... Here we have our crashed Alien ship in Xenonauts, burned into our retinas from too many late night missions. Note the wings taper off behind the main section of the craft. Now, if you were to thicken those wings and rotate them round towards the front of the craft, just a smidge, you'd get a more bullet-like version of this craft here... ...and here Now, the thing about those 2 are they are updated images of another craft sighting...way back in 1947. Although not the first UFO sighting, many certainly feel that Kenneth Arnold's sighting in 1947 near the Cascade Mountains pretty much launched Flying Saucers in the public mind. Pictures completed for Arnold's sightings are below. But really you want to be thinking of how he described it... remember: Now, questions:- - Just when did the Men In Black get to Chris? - Is the Strategic Planetary Defence Simulator there to prepare us? - Will Chris' mind implants affect the project? - Does Chris find being a brain in a jar, in the Sebilian base, affect his social life? - When will the real invasion start? - Will my tin foil hat help? Ironically, the game that tries to steer it's own path is pretty close to the original sighting.
  17. The Coldest War "Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government." - Dr. Henry Kissinger,US Secretary of State 1973-1977 Founded by both world superpowers in the face of a possible invasion, the organisation has had to fight tooth and claw to retain it’s existence, appropriating funds from either side where and when it could. As the Superpowers glacially looked to expand their spheres of influence to counter each other, only the organisation remained aware of a potentially greater threat. When this threat arrived in October 1979, it was clear how far the organisation had moved beyond geopolitics. “A clandestine organisation known only as the ‘Xenonauts’ establishes communication with the major world powers and claims responsibility,” for the only known successful interception of an alien craft over the Baltic Sea. The Xenonauts demand “both funding and authority to operate within their territory and airspace in exchange for protection.“ In fighting the invasion, the goal of the Xenonauts organisation will indirectly result in each nation reassessing their relationships with the rest of the world. Earth’s best defence is a united one. It is the goal of Xenonauts to channel as much collective development and unity from its funding nations as possible. To that end results from some of the Xenonaut research can be distributed throughout the funding nations. While this may sound utopian, bear in mind that the Xenonauts are essentially extorting capital from their funding nations in return for protection and the hope that their advanced technology will secure a victory. Also note that throughout, Xenonauts do not openly share their key research findings with the rest of the world. “The deal was simple – a monthly funding grant and authority to operate in a nation’s airspace and territory, in exchange for protection against extraterrestrial activity. Reluctantly, all the major powers agreed.” Why? The ideas below were some of the very first thoughts I had when putting together the Geopolitical mod thread. That shows the reluctance the funding nations have in greater detail. The short set of ideas below would ideally be part of the same setup, but are separated here as they can stand alone. They follow a similar path that the Alien Origins/The Martian Solution/Cydonia or Bust research topics of the original did. This is intentional so as not to detract or delay the main mission too much. The back story, as provided, shows the Xenonauts as an organisation on the brink of extinction, a situation now facing the rest of the world. It also shows that they have goals and demands that coerce the funding nations into agreement. They are not quite the clean cut outfit that their X-Com predecessors were. The ideas below take the Xenonauts in a direction that is a little darker than simply saving the Earth from an alien threat. Particularly when there are other enemies closer to home. Shadow Kingdom Research Required - Iceland Incident; Alien Invasion; Third tier weaponry Game Trigger - Save scientist mission objective at a particular ticker point. Unlocks Research - The Third Path Unlocks Bonus/Penalty – Reduced staff costs Summary – While liberating a research lab from the aliens, a supposedly missing prominent scientist is rescued. In debriefing, he reveals that, although his research is compartmentalised, that he must be a tiny part of a larger recruitment programme. A programme so aggressive, that the scientist was believed to have died so that he could vanish into the project. Further research has revealed the mysterious disappearances of individuals form a variety of scientific fields. The deaths of prominent figures in Physics, chemistry and astronomy are now put in doubt. This programme has been going on since the late 1950s. Insiders refer to the programme as the Brian Drain, but it is designated Project Aquarius. The scientist’s own work has reached a conclusion. It is unknown if this applies to the rest of the programme. The location of any related work or of funding sources is also unknown. Notes: The third tier research topic could be replaced with something else. Ideally, it should be a technological topic as this fits into the rest of these additions. It should also be something far enough into the game to be advanced technology, but not so advanced as to get in the way of the final mission topics. The game triggers are provided as additions/ alternatives to the required research topics. The reduced staff cost bonus reflects that whatever was going on, it’s now coming to an end. This will free up researchers elsewhere to join the Xenonauts. Ties with existing Xenonauts story: Echoes the steps a clandestine organisation may have taken in the cold war to capture the only people it believed capable of advancing it’s own agenda. Mod Requirements: Edit Research topics, Add research Topics, Add mission objectives, Research Lab indoor mission (optional, but is one of the stretch goals); recruitment cost alteration The Third Path Research Required - Shadow Kingdom, Last third tier topic Game Trigger –Aliens launch a base attack on a base not used by Xenonauts at a particular ticker point/ or a simpler pop up screen stating that local agents uncover a base, but it isn’t an alien one. Much like in X-Com/ Alien Base mission, but they’ve used a previously extant Xenonaut-like Base. Unlocks Research - New World Order Unlocks Bonus/Penalty – Free Base/ Reduced Construction Costs Summary – While the Xenonauts are setting up new bases around the world to combat the alien invasion, another party is making use of the bases set up in the 1960s following the Iceland Incident. While many of the facilities look to have been deserted for decades, there is clear evidence of recent and intensive use in key areas, such as laboratories and workshops. Whoever vacated the base in a hurry left few clues for the retrieval team. However, in the dust covered, deserted command centre Project Aquarius briefing documents are found, supporting the ‘missing’ scientist’s claims. The documents outline high level meetings between the Soviet Union and the United States military in December 1958. In these meetings, available findings from the Iceland Incident were shared. Analysis of potential further threats was made and ideas on how to combat such an enemy were suggested. These ideas became three distinct solutions. The solutions were known as Project Majority, an inside joke on the lack of consensus achieved to select one of them over the others. The documents suggest that parallel programmes, entitled The Three Paths (and the Three Bears informally), were put in place. Disturbingly, the Xenonauts look to be connected to one of these alternatives. Path 1: Project Aleph – The manipulation of population sizes, in order to force a cohesive, militaristic humanity prepared for the alien attack. Such extreme population control measures could only be put into effect by creating a number of disasters. Biochemical research was proposed for this purpose as was artificial escalation of the Cold War. A further option was to use this research to deny the planet to enemy forces should the situation become hopeless. This ruthless, cold option was considered one where worst case scenarios would prevail. Path 2: Project Anteus - Aquarius would ensure the construction of numerous underground shelters. Ostensibly these would be built to survive a nuclear war. In truth, they were to be build to survive an alien invasion. The bases would house a military command structure and a breeding population of civilians. Path 3: Project Aquarius – An expansionist approach that suggested that mankind’s best hope was through it’s own rapid advancement. By expanding knowledge in electronics, propulsion, astronomy and physics mankind could reach beyond the Earth. Increasing detection capabilities was considered an immediate goal of this project. Projected suggestions looked to move mankind to a more even footing with any invading force. These suggestions advocated that mankind should set up a base on Mars, titled Wells Station, using the Moon as a staging post. Veterans of Operation Verne provided support for an Aquarius programme that looked to advance the military readiness of a unified military force. They outlined a number of necessary projects. There are clear parallels between the Project Aquarius proposals and the structure of the Xenonauts. These projects would become the operational structure of Xenonauts in years to come. Aquarius – Umbrella project cataloguing all available intelligence from the Iceland incident Garnet - Coordination of all information relating to the aliens. Sign – Intelligence gathering to determine further aliens presences. Sign alerts the organisation following the WOW signal. Blue Book – The public face of Project Sign, actively investigating the public UFO sightings. Snowbird –Create disinformation to cover test flights & gauge intelligence. Redlight – to pilot reverse engineered UFO Pluto – Evaluating all alien technology with a view to enhancing human space capabilities/ biological intelligence. Excalibur – develop a weapons system capable of combating an alien craft. Gabriel - The use of pulsed sound weaponry against alien craft. Sigma – Establish communications with the aliens. No communications were received throughout the Iceland Incident. Plato – A project looking to create diplomatic links with an alien species. Blue Fly/ Blue Team – Reaction, retrieval and recovery operation briefed and trained on Iceland Incident. Xenonaut soldiers are trained by retired Blue Fly operatives. With no alien incursions following 1958, Blue Team eventually became part of Project Sign. Delta – The security arm of Blue Team and Pounce. Luna – Relates to construction and maintenance of secret underground bases. Pounce – the subsequent retrieval of crashed UFO materiel following Blue Team missions. Notes: Again, the research topic used as a requirement can be replaced. The changes to bases as a reward reflects the Xenonauts uncovering the series of hidden bases placed around the world by their organisation in it’s prime. It is suggested that the Xenonauts research topics be designated project titles as above to further tie them in with the Project Majority briefing documents. Ties with existing Xenonauts story: The back story reveals that the initially, well funded Xenonauts had a number of hidden bases that then fell into disrepair. This topic returns to that. It also suggests some tactical options available to countries facing a threat of unknown, but superior technology. Mod Requirements: Possibly a scripted map – combining alien and Xenonaut base (optional)
  18. Hey, I was flicking through an old issue of Fortean Times when I came across the following images. They reminded me so much of the Xenonauts art, I thought I'd share. Tomlinson's art can be found on this website and I spotted a few other excellent images from the Fortean Times while having a quick peek. The article around the art is a good piece to regarding 1947/48 Saucer incidents. No, it's not what you think, all of you whose eyes have just rolled upwards
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