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Found 8 results

  1. So, I read the prologue "Crimson Dagger" in the extras at the start-up of Xenonauts, and I was wondering, would the story of Mikhail Alexander and the 1958 Iceland incident make a good gameplay tutorial (If there's going to be one) for Xenonauts 2? If yes, it could later show how Kseniya Alexander got invited into the Xenonauts program, and have her become one of the many soldiers the player starts with. It's just a thought. Plus, the story of "Crimson Dagger" is pretty emotional. In my opinion, it could make the player REALLY pissed at the aliens, and give a nice good launch to start the game off with.
  2. Hi there, just started playing Xenonauts after a very long break. In order to avoid spamming the forums with questions that could be solved with a simple rtfm I was wondering if somebody could point me to a current version of the game's manual. So far I only found very dated versions hardly useful. Cheers, Radom
  3. As it says - I cannot scroll to read the entire text on any of the combat tutorial texts.
  4. I have have made a few basic guides on Xenonauts, and i will be making quite a few more in the next days but hope you will check em out and comment if there is something i can explain better or is completly lacking in explaining. Also if you have some subjects that you want me to cover feel free to tell me, i will be covering how to train your troop stats and so within the next few days. Here is a link to the complete guide i have placed on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=183275242 SnowiiFrog out
  5. G'day all, So I purchased Xenonauts a while ago but never got around to actually playing it. Today I finally started but got turned into mincemeat in my first battle on normal difficulty. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good series of Tutorials that I can look through, so I have more of an idea what I'm doing. While I tried hiding behind walls and the like, I found aliens were able to take out my entire squad without much effort. Thanks!
  6. Hi all. Fist-time poster here. I just purchased Xenonauts yesterday. It is a game that I have been keeping an eye on for about a year. I am very excited to hear that it is near completion and will be on Steam. While I have the original X-Com, I never played it (I bought it about a year ago). I have played Firaxis' re-imagining of it, however. I am looking forward to the increased depth of Xenonauts (I have watched a bunch of LPs of the original X-Com and they are fun to watch). However, since I am NOT an X-Com vet, I find that I will need some instruction on how to get started. I started my first mission last night and I noted a few things; mostly concerning the UI. This post is not meant to be 'nitpicky', but instead just to point out what I have noted. I know that 'Beta is beta' and I am sure that many of the things I will bring up may be addressed in the final release (fingers crossed). I did check the FAQ on the forum, but I did not see anything that addressed my concerns. 1) The font is kinda small (I was playing on 1920x1080). 2)Mouseover tooltips were sparse or non-existent. For example, what does TU mean? I know it stands for 'Time Units', but new(er) players (I'm still a newbie) may not know that. What is a TU reserve? Why would I want to reserve them? Etc. Tooltips would help with that. 3)There did not seem to be any confirmation notification after initiating an action (like research of manufacturing items). An 'OK' button would instill greater confidence that orders have been acknowledged. 4)I did not notice a 'Help/Encyclopedia' section. 5)There was no tutorial mission. I find that some games (Hearts of Iron, for example) are so complex that even going through the tutorial still makes it hard to play, but people who love HOI know that and have probably prepared themselves for the fact there won't be any hand holding. That said, I think that accessibility will be much greater if there is a free demo and tutorial mission. These are a few of my observations after about 30 mins of play (I wanted to play more, but I had to wait an inordinately long time to download the game from Desura, so I was tired by the time I was able to start playing). All in all, I am excited and I can't wait for the final or for the community mods. I hope you guys do well enough to make an X2 in a couple years. Thanks for reading.
  7. Hello all, I am firmly of the belief that there should be some sort of tutorial feature in the final release. But what form of tutorial do you think is best? I think that it should occur because reading these forums gives you some idea of the amount of people who don't immediately get what certain things do, like the accuracy limitations of kneeling, or how to control your aircraft, or the sight limitations of heavy armour, etc. Thought? Happy posting!
  8. I was wondering if there are any plans on making an intro stage - the main focus on the game is the ground combat but you always start on the global map and you can play a good couple of minutes without anything happening. Maybe as part of the story and intro the game will start with a mission already. Maybe a few soldiers hear a strange sound exit their barracks. From there the ground combat starts and it gives you a small tutorial on how to move shoot and use the different commands (maybe have an officer bark some orders to you, move here, kneel there, reseave enough for a auto/snap shot). It would be a great way to teach new players what the game is about!
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