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Found 7 results

  1. Every time I try to transfer soldiers from one base to another it doesn't seem to work. I select the soldiers that I would like to transfer, then I hit the transfer soldiers button and all of my soldiers that I selected then become unselected. When I select the base to transfer soldiers to nothing happens. Even after many (game) days the soldiers stay where they are... Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Hi, several Bugs: Vehicles don´t show the number of Missions and Kills they´ve accomplished Hovertank cannot fire two times in a round even though even though TUs are available - bug or "overheating". Don´t know if it holds true for other vehicles as well Hovertank cannot proceed further into alien base even though the path seems to be clear - a corner seems to be blocked Cruiser showing a grass tile (after explosion). See attachment Hovering soldiers seeming not to turn (bug can be replicated). See attachment: should be turned toward the mouse arrow. TUs for turning have been subtracted. But the animation seems to be broken Not a bug, but annoying and easy to solve: When transferring soldiers to another base the equipment is left behind. Suggestion: Implement easy way to transfer whole dropships inc. crew, vehicles, equipment The clawing aliens who turn you into one of them are overpowered: Even though 5 reaction shots had been fired, none hit. Suggestion: higher rate of reaction fire (and hit) against them. "For reasons of fear among the soldiers?" On the forums: Uploading pictures is difficult and un-intuitive. No mentioning of size limit for pictures. Add a mousehover? "?" instead of text for achievements (Win 7, FF 29.01)
  3. Transfer won´t work until the production is finished, even though produce is available. Stun-baton doesn´t show a tooltip. No tooltip while hovering over the "show roof"-switch at the tactical screen in combat. Assault-shield: already in the forums: the wrong value (80) is only shown at the tooltip if you haven´t equipped it. If you hover over the shield of an equipped soldier, it shows 160. Great game!
  4. Hiya It is a pretty minor one, but the transfer cost column does not show the transfer costs of each item. The total cost does still work though.
  5. I built a second base in C America, the first being in Middle East. I added 8 troops to the second base, and later on began to train 2 of them. Upon trying to allocate troops for a mission, I found I could only allocate 5 of them. On entering the battlescape I found that the Chinook contained duplicates of my troops. I have been able to complete two missions from this base with no crashes. Possibly related to transfer bug reported earlier, but I didn't see any note of duplicate troops in another thread. Will post screens/save game when I get a chance.
  6. I wanted to send a manufactured MIG to a different base... so I sent a fighter from it back to the home front to open up a hangar slot before doing so. When both planes arrived (at/around same game time) the game crashed to desktop. It happened again under the same circumstances.
  7. I was muckin around. veteran difficulty within the first month of the game. The game was not saved at any point. i made bases everywhere, essentially covering the entire map. each base had 2 hangars + 1 radar. The commands i did: Once completed and after a lil bit i transfered 2/3 starting f17's to a base on the soviet/chinese border, and one to north America. The final F17 remained in the base. What actually happened: F17-1 started off to Soviet base F17-2 started off to NA When F17-1 hit soviet base on the map, game crashed. No ufos in the detectable (or wern't shown during the freeze, possibly a cause of the error if simaltaneous events) A third f17 appeared upon my main base. to which i had not ordered Any ideas ? The only thing i have touched with the game files is Friendly ai and civilian ai both set to zero, in the missionstypes(w/e).xml (\assets\)
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