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Found 12 results

  1. I downloaded Xenonauts last night (7/19/14) and I loved it for an hour. It's far and away the best XCom around, and I just played a bunch of Firaxis' Enemy Unknown. It was... disappointing. Anyway, the corner text on launch is Xenonauts Release 1.07 25/06/2014 But I get one bug, and it's a big one. I get the white tiles everywhere in ground combat, it's unplayable, and it started with the second crash site. It looks like the other "white tile" posts on the forums. I tested in 64 bit Windows 7 under VMWare emulation on a Retina MacBook Pro. I already play a bunch of games successfully in VMWare in Steam (Railroad Tycoon, Day of Defeat, Shadowrun Returns, Civilization V, GTA:SA), and a bunch of games from GOG (Jagged Alliance 2, Neverwinter Nights, Silent Storm gold) and I've never had a graphical issue! I doubt its the emulation causing this. I've tried restarting from an earlier save many times but when I shoot down and then explore the second UFO crash site there is always this white terrain even in different parts of the world. Some scenery exists, but the ground is always white. I've tried: Alt-TABbing Reloading Full screen and windowed, both the game and VMWare emulation window Higher resolution Lower resolution Quitting the white tile game often gives a C Runtime error window. Sometimes loading the savegame to test gives the same error and a crash. The area in the error window is black so I can't read it. I went back to the first save, the first UFO crash, and it played but now my rocket explosions were a white square expanding and shrinking. And this was a combat I previously played through just fine! I suspected a corrupt download but the MD5 sum is good. Now I'm downloading the Mac WINE wrapped version, maybe it'll play better? Hope you can take care of it it's a great game otherwise and I don't have access to another PC.
  2. Hiya The andron room in the small base has a bunch of square you cannot path through. The slim looking barriers are not so slim, I guess. I skillfully marked each of the squares to be clear. Cheers
  3. You can throw grenades into the alien crafts from outside without throwing it through the door. This is candidate 19.
  4. Hey dudes, i'm interested in creating some new desert and farm maps, as i find they come up often and would like more variety. However, one weird thing i'm having is that no corner pieces for chain-link fences, hedges, etc. appear, and also it seems like some items when placed have their actual place on the level viewer off by a significant amount of squares. Is my version bugged or is this how it's meant to work? many items also seem to have no texture, despite being listed (a few chain-link fences, for example)
  5. Obviously another time-heavy addition, but it would be great if at least the engine itself allowed for static tiles to be replaced with animated ones in the future (....hey, they did it with Minecraft afterall!). A little bit of movement would be nice. I'm hoping, too, that eventually someone mods this so that we have some nice optical effects (glows, flares, fog, etc). I'm all for the clean graphic style, but I also find that this look can still work well with 'real' optical effects.
  6. This is an updated set of maps, sub-maps and tiles for the mapping community to use (it's not really of much value unless you're making maps). I've put it together because the mapping community continues to impress, and I've added several sub-maps and a few maps to the game. There's also been some new tiles added. This pack lets the mappers stay up to date with the dev version of the game, so we can test their maps without them being broken due to using obsolete maps. So, here's the changes: - Some submaps added, largely Flash in the Soviet Town but a few in the Desert and a Town / Arctic submap from Stinky too - One of Flash's arctic maps has made it into the game - There are a few new tiles: Soviet factory props updated (recoloured, a few new ones added) Soviet outdoor props updated with new military props (sandbags, crates, a tank) Soviet flat has a full-size window Soviet government building has some new roof tiles and a full-length window that can be used to make shops Desert tileset now has a tank too You can get the updated pack here: http://www.xenonauts.com/devfiles/tilepack_V18_6June.rar (this will take about 90 min to upload, so don't start downloading immediately or you'll get an incomplete file. The full file size is 132mb!) Finally, just a note to remind people that there are red tiles for buildings in the Arctic too. I found them today and was surprised nobody had yet used them!
  7. Hi. I'm just wondering... is the burnt ground tile I'm seeing in beta videos final? I'm curious why it is drawn as it is (solid black square with an unburnt border around it). Looks like a row of hedges/gardens! (Sorry, not trying to be a prick!) Why wouldn't it be done more as a random (fractalish) series of blotches that would tile together better, and not have such a straight edge? Some technical reason, or just your preference? Ya, this is me with my traditional 'low priority' suggestions! Still, thought I'd mention it and ask. I'd love to see it more as random splotches (as opposed to a solid black), as that would tile better, too). Ignore me at your leisure...
  8. I'm curious (and not an experienced modder)... Is it a difficult thing for a player to modify the tile graphics? Are the graphics easily accessable (in one of the folders), and editable (in Photoshop)? Or, are they packed into some kind of proprietary format? Would the modified graphics need to be processed by some proprietory program? I'm not talking about the difficulty of making the actual artwork (the artistic skill required), but instead the accessabilty. Is this the same for all other graphics (background screens, Hidden Movement screen, character graphics)? (I realize that, for example, the objects/people are rendered from 3D models... I'm talking about photoshoping the resulting graphic) Kinda curious how open it all will be.
  9. Chris I am having a major headache with the submap editor constantly crashing. As a result I am unable create submaps or do much with them. I would also like to make maps that are universal without the need for anything other than the .xml. As a result I would like to request by default that tile sets share/have access to more of the outdoor props. Request outdoor props Dead body props - civilians - not to be morbid -but we need terrifying terror sites all vehicles to be on all tile sets - soviets sold to middle east etc. street lights - highway through the countryside etc bins car parks crates/pipes etc to be on all tilesets chain fence universal power station substation submap universal trees tree stumps flowerbeds guard houses plant pots - for gardens waiting chairs for use outside railroad tracks without base colour- like buffers or with concrete base fruit stands park tables picnic bench picnic blankets benches vents for our secret underground bases pipelines- oil desert Railway carriages and connectors buffers haybales I would also like to see Different grass/concrete colours to be universal - the soviet Union/USA are massive countries and you could create something cool within the set aesthetic using different tones. I know you want each tileset to be unique but honestly most of these props would be found world wide and would help to reduce item repetition in maps.
  10. I asked on the kickstarter page if this was possible, but got no reply. I stumbled on this by going through the forums, very excited by it. Is it possible to modify the actually tiles?
  11. You can walk through the tin shed walls on the farm. Pretty much all of the walls.
  12. I have found a few things with these barns You can walk through this wall: Once through that wall, there is something blocking both LOS and movement to the NW of that tile: The barn door on the SW wall does not appear to open, but you can walk through it. you do hear the noise of it opening: Oops, forgot to save that one.
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