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Found 3 results

  1. I'm working on an adaptation/melding of concepts of the three into a homebrew system for virtual tabletop, taking some design cues from each. The general idea is having a large pool of players signing in/off onto the central server via their their clients. Individually, the starting pool of players will create their characters from a melding of systems of the 1994 and 2012 versions, using flat-statted "defaults," and picking a character class that modifies these slightly. As character rank increases using a modified EU2012 XP system, stats will increase bit by bit, and they'll be able to take perks adapted to the old math and stats, so as to further differentiate their characters from one another, and add some degree of personalization and attachment (all the better for the GM to destroy). Cooperatively, players will decide on research, construction, production, and general triage of strategy and action. Events in-game will be taken from a copy of EU1994 running sidelong, and probably in real time; this is part of the reason for the intended large pool of players; decisions they make as a whole will affect each other down the road, and events and progression can take place over a longer period of time. The game itself will run on a series of evolving maps; part of the work will be creating a large number of battlescape maps that can be loaded on the fly for an event that takes place, and a somewhat more static base map that will grow and change over time to reflect player decisions and evolving XCOM capabilities and technological developments. In the downtime, players could develop their characters in the "soft" RP I'm sure tabletop players are familiar with. Key features include the ability to maintain inventories and mechanics similar to the representations we're familiar with in the games, in addition to being able to attach inventories to characters on the "battlescape," as well as the capability to delineate pickups and items on the actual map. Some elements adapted from Xenonauts are some stylistic cues, as well as (perhaps more importantly) an adaptation of the cover system, which I believe would benefit the players in keeping their troops alive somewhat more easily, as part of the idea is immersion, not a 1:1 player-slaughter the actual game would give us. So... turn-based/realtime X-COM tabletop semi-MMO? Thoughts? Suggestions? Praise? Hatred? Damnation?
  2. As the title suggests. It goes without saying that most here are gamers of some sort, some of us (at least me) are primarily console gamers, others (like Ace, no offense) are die-hard PC gamers. We all play digital games, so to speak. Now, what I was pondering, is there anyone on these forums who plays non-digital games? Mainly pen 'n papper RPGs or tabletop wargames, or why not trading card games? I myself do play a lot of PnP RPGs and a few tabletop wargames (Warhammer, Flames of War, Necromunda and looking at starting Malifaux). The reason I ask is because I can't help but notice (at least get the impression) that they seem to be somewhat exclusive to each other. Video games is an accepted form of entertainment, while roleplayers and wargamers still somewhat struggle with the stereotype of unwashed people in a basement playing out less than child-friendly fantasies, or being grown people playing with toy soldiers. I dunno, could just be my interpretation of the whole thing, but where I come live video games are accepted, RPGs and wargames less so. Wall of text, sorry. Anyway, feel free to share your opinions on this, or if you indeed pursue a similar hobby. TL;DR - Do you play any other games than video games, or do you think video games are more socially acceptable than wargames and RPGs? Also, first thread I've started on this forum, I think. Yikes!
  3. Hello, just wanted to share this: It's a 15 minute video about an experienced RPG player talking about making a X-COM:TFTD-ish tabletop RPG. It was quite fun listening to the story, and he does VERY good reviews of other RPGs, so some of you might enjoy them as well.
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