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Found 10 results

  1. i Believe this would be of great help for creating Horror on terror missions if an enemy is spawned on the roof of Dev-selected buildings. it would also create more of a varied tactical situation for the players if they go up to a building and "Ah Snap plasma fire from the ROOF!!!" "Lets Breach that building" i kinda miss clearing buildings in X-Com Terror from the Deep. but yea unless i am mistaken there is no way to do this atm. other this Hoping the Ai will decide to enter the building on there own. besides ATM i have NEVER seen an enemy take any height advantage. TLDR: 1. When Creating Submaps; Placeable spawnpoints in the submap. 2.Creates Better Gameplay me thinks.
  2. Hello, I am writing this because while reading some of comments on this forum, I saw one that advocated maps encouraging close quarter combats to improve shot gun. It made me reflect on how lacking the current interior of Xenonaut UFO is. On retrospect, one of the factors that made UFO breach difficult in original game was the way they were designed, allowing aliens ample opportunity of ambush. There are narrow hallways of Abductor that curve all the way around UFO exterior, random rooms that go nowhere, lots of nooks and crannies. In open rooms there are commonly props - like Alien Food canisters at Harvester and Supply Ship - placed one space apart that provides full cover and prevent long range shootout. Even UFO as early as Large Scout introduces some element of choice; I fondly recall wondering which of two doors would be wise to take. Clearing them out can be challenging but fun. In Xenonauts (at least up to Landing Ships), you can see large percentage of UFO right from the entrance and the ship design is very linear. Not only does such design eliminate valuable opportunity of introducing unique style of close combat unlikely to occur anywhere else, I feel the fact that most of the ship is visible from the start makes UFO makes them vulnerable to 'shooting gallery' strategy; you line up entire squad of Xenonauts right outside the door, open the door, throw grenades to suppress them as necessary, take potshots, close the door then end turn, rinse and repeat. Redesigning wall placements keeping these considerations in mind would eliminate such strategy and force player to actually enter the UFO in order to clear out the hostiles - in extreme example, just simply placing a wall in front of the door would drastically reduce amount of hostiles player could eliminate in safety of outside. Since the area of UFO is not very big (or at least it feels like it to me due to there being many open spaces), I believe their quality will not suffer from having corners, 2-tile wide hallways and such. Thanks for reading. I am not sure what other players feel about this topic, but with UFO breach being one of engaging experiences that make up Xcom UFO Defense, I felt any way to improve their battlescape counterpart could be worthy of debate.
  3. Why do landing ships have such a large room without any cover except at the back for the aliens? This makes it very difficult to attack a landing ship with 2-4 alien in it, because no grenades can reach the aliens usually hiding behind a panel at the back where they are difficult to hit and have clear shots at soldiers in the door. If one does not have rockets, one should expect heavy losses when attacking this ship. In my first attack against a landing ship, I was lucky and lost only a single soldier, but when I tried to replay it today, I lost 5 soldiers, including 3 from an alien rocket. Unfortunately I don't remember if I did anything special the first time or if I was just lucky...
  4. Is it known that some of the base facility maps dont show during base defense missions, because mine arnt ? I had 6 hangers across the top of the first base only five was shown on battlescape. Other facilitys were also missing.
  5. Has anyone been able to modify the base facility levels ? The level editor dosent seem to be able to access what it needs to do this.
  6. Two questions from someone who has only been playing casually during the alpha and is now playing a bit more now that we're in beta: 1) Are the randomized sub-maps functional in the current build? Unless my build installed incorrectly from the last, the sub-maps are supposed to randomize per selected level, right? I'm having loads of fun, but I can't help but twitch after running the exact same maps containing a near-exact replica of sub-map placements. If the randomization of sub-maps isn't fully in place, then that's fine, but I get the feeling something's off. 2) Are any of the player-submitted maps compatible as of now? I ask, because the last mapping thread is from February. P.S. Great work with the transition from alpha to beta! Looking forward to the upcoming updates.
  7. Hey, I tried to search this forum for my idea but was not successful (this doesn't mean I am not dump) Inspired how this is done in Rise of Flight with community skins - it would be great if there will be possibility of voting about integrating sub-maps created by community into game. This would greatly increase sub-maps library and thus levels would be more random. It should looks like following : there will be separate thread for each sub-map and creator of sub-map will post source code as well as screen shots and some justification of this map. And we will vote if we wants to have this in the game or not. If there will be at least 50 or 100 votes then result will be valid. These sub-maps could also be added in form of patches after release What do you think guys?
  8. Since no one has posted any of their submaps yet I thought that I would take a first stab at it. I will be using this initial post to summarize my created level & sub maps. As I make more I will update this thread as necessary. For my first post I would like to post 3 new submaps. In the next couple days I will add a level map which uses them. To add the submaps for your own levelmap designing, simply add a folder for each of the maps in /xenonauts/assets/maps/industrial, name the folders the prefered name (so that other people's level maps can use it), and finally paste the file in it. If there is more than 1 file in a given submap folder it will randomly select one of them. Submaps Crossroads: Nothing particularly special here, but nice to have when laying out roads. Size (5x5). Image Submap Data (Preferred Folder Name: "Road Cross") Crossroads XML Warehouse A single floor warehouse with lots of windows, lots of shelving, north entrance, and south side entrance. Size (10x15). Image Submap Data (Preferred Folder Name: "QMWarehouse") QMWarehouse XML Small Factory w/ Parking Lot A single floor factory with an attached parking lot which has some conexes in it. The parking lot is fenced in, but does have an entrance with a gaurd post next to it. I will probably be changing this one eventually, because the parking lot is a little difficult to position onto a neighboring street. Size (15x15). Image Submaps Data (Preferred Folder Name: "QMFactoryWLotSW") QMFactoryWLotSW1 XML QMFactoryWLotSW2 XML Levelmaps QM Industries This map features my Small Factory w/ Parking Lot and my Warehouse submaps. The following zip file (QMIndustrial ) includes the necessary submaps and the levelmap. Extract them into the "\xenonauts\assets\maps\industrial\" folder and adjust the levelsetup.xml file as necessary.
  9. After playing around with the map editors a while, I've a couple of simple offerings that will hopefully be of some use: Submaps Orchard Much like the one in the original XCOM game. Size (10x10). Submap Data (Preferred Folder Name: "SMOrchard") SMOrchard XML Farm Storage Shed A single storey concrete and corrugated iron storehouse for fertilizer or diesel. Size (10x10). Submap Data (Preferred Folder Name: "SMFarmstorage") SMFarmstorage XML Grass Field A basic, large grass field for use with constructing larger farm maps. Size (20x20). Submap Data (Preferred Folder Name: "SMGrassfield20x20") SMGrassfield20x20 XML
  10. Currently, a map is seen as a collage of yellow rectangles (the submaps), all labeled with a more or less descriptive text. I suggest that someone who generates a submap can save a thumbnail of it's ingame looks (or a crayon drawing...) to the same folder. This would not 100 % represent the exact submap because obviously, that is chosen at random when a battle map is generated. It would, however, show a generic overview of the level because something barn-like would be some kind of barn, a N-S road would be some kind of N-S road... No true WYSIWYG editor but a huge step towards user-friendliness because you could "see" how the level fits together.
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