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Found 5 results

  1. Suggestion: Increase range of weapons, and slow weapon trajectory down to make game play more tactical rather than twitch based.
  2. Hiya When you enter combat condors go at 1500 km/h, but if you select full speed they drop to 1218 km/h. Also, there is no way to re-select auto speed control. Edit: The same kind of thing happens with the foxtrot.
  3. I've noticed that at air combat screen we can see UFO's damage level but not it's current speed. From my observations it looks like they are always flying with max speed Spoiler white font: Fighter 1800 km/h Scout 2300 km/h Corvette 850 km/h Now I do not know if more advanced AI will allow UFO's to change speed during combat or if some advanced crafts will have some kind of afterburners, but it would be nice to be able to see their current speed.
  4. Don't you think they are incredibly hard? I mean, they are too fast and the lucky time you DO catch up to them, they just shoot 3 of your aircraft down easily
  5. So I was having a run on the pre-order build on the laptop, without my mouse connected up so just using the mouse pad and wanted to change the running speed. My mouse pad is temperamental and at that moment didn't want to move so I could change the speed. Now in some games the numeric keys 0 (pause), 1 (slow), 2 (normal), 3 (fast) etc are often used as an additional way to control the passage of time, just to test it out I hit "1" and no change. So I thought I'd throw it up as a suggestion of a potentially useful addition and see what other thoughts there may be.
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