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Found 10 results

  1. I have six bases, one of them has two research facilities and two bases have one each. I have successfully created two projects using 30 and 15 scientists. When I try to create another one at the third base it shows that I have zero scientists, while actually having 15(I can fire them). Let me know if you need more details or if I missed anything. Thanks.
  2. So since at the beggining in the game you get 15-10 scientist...I have a question... Is it better to slice up your scientist on different project or just put all of them into one project... Because I always though that once a project reaches the excellent development rating you didn't have to put more scientist into it and the rest you could put into another one... Later in this version I heard that it's better to just load all of your scientists on one project... So here comes the question...
  3. A good friend of mine had a pretty good idea while playing Xenonauts. I did some research on the forum and I don't think it has been said yet. Could specializations, like biology/high-tech/ect for a scientific, or aeronautics/weaponry/ect for an engineer, be implemented into the game ? It would add some flavour to base managment. ^^
  4. I had this question back from the original X-COM: EU. Is it worth to put ALL the scientists in one project or should I split them in 2 or 3... Back in the days of the original X-Com, I used to turn one base into a R&D base with only labs and scientists working on one project at a time and had another base as a factory for building stuff....is this viable in Xenonauts? Especially since I noticed that in Xenonauts, when you add scientists to a project, its state changes from Poor to Excellent. By the time it reaches the Excellent status, the extra scientists make any difference (time saving perhaps) or am I just spending money and manpower???
  5. Hello love the game but thought I'd post my ideas, so please don't hit me, I am writing to suggest something rather hard to implement but please think of this as more of a wishlist rather than actual expectations. I would like to have greater attachment not just to my little SAS troopers, but to my whole military staff made up of supporting roles. My simplest suggestion is that a skins are made of scientists and engineers so that when an alien attack occurs at your base a small number of staff (maybe those that couldn't evacuate) are at risk of becoming collateral damage. Maybe have a panic room that is sealed during battle to house support staff. If the battle ends in defeat they would naturally be killed off, if not they are not they would return to there jobs My next suggestion is that all staff level-up, how that is implemented would be simply be by checking how long they have served, or even better how many projects they have seen through. A scientist that has spent 2 years studying alien artefacts should be more proficient than a newb. As stated in the title I would also like to see more types of operatives... (Mostly as NPCs) Intelligence-Service (Men in Black) They lower your chance of detection, increase the chances of alien base detection, have a chance of detecting alien attacks and movements off radar, and have a chance of assisting you during your attacks. Pilots They cost more money than a standard trooper Exist inside the transport, equipped with a side-arm and no knowledge of how to use it. If they die you have no option to evacuate, if you lose the battle after this the transport is lost. A pilot would add a level of risk to all land battles. And will constantly have you asking; "Do I want to risk him so I can have more firepower?". The pilot could also man fighter-craft and gain experience. Admin Staff (Less so) People who handle the logistics by lowering the costs of imports. They could also help by increasing the efficiently of support staff, the export value of goods and the relations between other countries. Security Staff They decrease the likelihood of your base being detected and assist you in base battles with gunpowder weapons Head of Xenonauts The base you're situated in receives efficiently perks. You can transfer to any base and, if aliens attack the base, you can fight with a side-arm. If you die you lose the game. ---end Hope you don't mind my thoughts on what could be added, the game is looking great but I thought I'd suggest it now rather than suggest it even later down the line.
  6. I've been using 30 scientists. I can now use 72 of my 30! cannot attach screenshot due to error 2308 I've just noticed that it also lets me remove all the allocated scientists and effects the lab space available too. Loving the game, reminds me of being young! Keep up the good work guys Natty
  7. I loaded a game and shortly afterwards I completed Alien Alloys research. I had hired four extra scientist who were working on Sebilian autopsy, so I go straight to the research tab to throw my 10 now idle scientist into the job. I right clicked the add scientist arrow and suddenly there were 24 scientists working on the project. The scientists available bar said there were now 0/14 scientists available. Weird. Shortly after I have a CTD, but that is to do with the transport that was in the air on load, I believe, as I reproduced the CTD without going into the reseach tab after alloys was completed.
  8. X-COM Apocalypse had aptitude stats for each scientist and technician that you could hire, making some of your employees more valuable than others. I liked it over the way the original X-COM did it because it gave each scientist a "face" instead of having your R&D department staffed by a legion of clones. What are your thoughts on putting something similar into Xenonauts? Too much effort to implement? Needless micromanagment? If base defense missions will really have you protecting your civilian staff, wouldn't it add a little more excitement to have to choose between that physics prodigy and the two assembly line idiots who you had to hire because their daddy is one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  9. Is there anything stopping me from firing all my scientists/technicians right before payday and hiring some other ones? With the soldiers I can't do that since they get better as they age, but what's preventing me from doing this to the nameless goons in the labs?
  10. I guess allien can break it's cell or wake up during autopsy or some box can suck someone inside lol. I've watched my father playing xcom when i was 7-8 y.o. and we have played lego reenacting alien containment module incident with me and my friend as a chief scintists inside with all scintist die except us. Just wanted to say that was pretty interresting p.s.: do not bring too advanced aliens inside your base alive
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