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Found 8 results

  1. Has anyone made (or is anyone planning to make) a tool to edit Xenonauts save files? Doesn't look like they're stored as XML like most of the game data. Such an editor would be kind of kind of useful to experiment with content and soldier stats at this point.
  2. http://atyesz.uw.hu/2013-09-07_21.51.00.sav http://atyesz.uw.hu/2013-09-07_22.09.18.sav One is one the globe, the other is combat. Same as with autosaves and some older saves. Had to revert to an even older savegame. The strange thing is, you can load these saves, and they work fine. But if you want to load again, even a different save, or make a new one and try that, you CTD. Even closing Xenonauts after loading a savegame like this results in a CTD. edit: Almost forgot, don't have anything in transfer, dunno if that bug still occurs.
  3. At the end of October 1979:- Overall tactic: I went with base building over equipping soldiers again in this build. With the lower base build cost, I went straight for a second base on day 1. A lull meant that I couldn't get a third base quite as quickly, but by the start of November the facilities are being built. By the end of November I should have 3 strike bases set up. Again, this offsets the nations with plummeting funding, such as the USA (if first base is in Europe (Sicily and not Greece. Bah)) An example of: In October I lost $40k of US funding. In November it was +$10k Ground Combat: The first four or five missions are tougher in this build. This isn't because of grenade use in previous builds. I usually only resort to grenades, when the weapons start causing too little damage. The aliens seemed to have a better grasp of cover. Also, they aren't as predictable. They now come out of the UFO (thank you) to mix things up a little. Alien plasma pistols seem to be pretty nasty this build. I'm glad that's pretty much all I've been up against. I may have to think about skimping on the armour. 2 20 day wounded troops very early on. Weapon types: Pistol/Shield - Invaluable in breaching UFOs and I've been using it a little more in getting close to defensive positions, due to grenade range limitations. Sniper - Hypervelocity has been removed for the moment, so that was felt. There's also a TU increase. Considering the time it should take to set up a sniper shot, I'm actually fine with that. It does mean that it takes a few missions for the Sniper to find his/her feet. Several actually. But still very useful considering grenade tweaks. LMG - The winner this build. I bring one in when the rocket launchers have enough strength and TUs to make it more viable. They have benefited most form the grenade tweaks. I now have 2 on the squad. Rifle - Relied on more with grenade tweaking. More useful in early missions waiting for LMG and sniper rifle to become more useful. Rocket Launcher- With everything it touches becoming a purple stain (unless it's friendly fire) this is used much more carefully. I'm switching ammo a lot more depending on the situation. Stun being a little more effective works well for this. Shotgun - Still not being used. Current maps don't provide close combat situations where it would be useful (early industrial maps were much better for this). Inside UFOs is probably the best bet, but there are still accuracy issues with that for nearly all weapons. Shield/pistol and grenades works better. There are no line of sight interiors in the early UFOs that would favour the use of the shotgun. For example, corners that would block use of grenades. Overall, a thumbs up for the changes. Some confined maps should bring Shotguns into their own. Still not using -High Explosive, Stun Batons, Flash Bangs for the reasons given here Air Combat - I enjoyed watching my Foxtrot fail to take down the light scout by itself, and I managed to take down 2 Corvettes without going back to reload. Reload changes are making a positive difference already. Also enjoying the variety of UFOs. I can't think when I've had a scout with 2 escorts. Straight into 3 fighters in this game, rather than a build up of single ones first. Nice to see things shift around. I've used the cannons a little more in this build. Not much more, but then there are others here, who use them in traditional dog fighting style., so it's possibly just me there. I was going to link back to 19.4 for not using Vehicles. But considering the increased difficulty of the first few missions, I'm wondering if a tank would have been a solution. Very possibly. Other issues (I've posted these elsewhere, but they fit nicely here too.) Stores is now ignored and manufacturing is pretty hollow. I'm realigning the soldiers in the dropship tab once and never going back to it. Greece being in the Middle East really jars as the first thing I go to do in the game is put a base there, only to find that it's in the "wrong" funding bloc. Instant Promotions - I had 7 Sgts after the first mission (Update: I'm getting commanders at the end of October) Manufacturing delay - there's no manufacturing to start with and I have a 6 day delay waiting for the third hanger to be built before I can begin the manufacture. I imagine that there would also be a delay if I built a garage, but haven't built that one. So, no manufacturing to start with, and then a delay in the first topic that's available to manufacture. Local forces down UFO early mission - If you want to equip your squad before the go, you want to press cancel. However, the timer stays at the same speed as when the "local forces down UFO" message appears. Hours race by before you can get to the top to stop it. Even if there's a time freeze hotkey, it would be nice if it just reverted back to the slowest speed. Firing into the UFO from just outside the doorway, continues to be odd looking. Accuracy plummets (and it's poor to begin with). Breach soldier doesn't always have the TUs to go much further than the door safely. So, it's back to grenades, as the least risky option. I can understand why you don't want everyone to be able to fire right into the back of the UFO, but it looks strange when you can't Research dries up around 18th with 15 scientists. That's for a few days and then it dries up again around the 27th. The tail end of both research periods is only 1 topic leading on to the only other available option. So there's no real research choice for the player. It's very linear. Considering the world is supposed to be running around trying to figure out how best to deal with the threat, there's little research going on. Edges of Light Scouts. - I still find some of the targeting around the corners of the ship to be odd. I've had a Caesian in plain sight just at one of the pincers, but I couldn't hit it directly and had to work my way around. Some oddities at the door as well. These have pretty much always been there. Savegame: End of October
  4. Hi! Because we are now in Beta stage and on Steam, there is one important issue for me and maybe others - will upcoming new versions be save-compatible? I am asking because Steam updates games automatically (maybe it can be turned off but it's on by default) so save incomparability could we very frustrating for gamers. Also because there will be longer periods of time between updates, gamers could be quite far away in game when new update arrives and automatically destroys their progress.
  5. I've played a lot of missions using build 18.3 and got up to the late parts of the game, with very big ships and powerful weapons. However I think that while the first part of the game is quite stable, and only a lot of balancing is needed, the same cannot be said for the second half. When carriers and mag weaponry start to appear, I've had a lot of ground combat crashes and freezes during the alien ground combat turns. Moreover, a lot of crashed ships with no aliens, very frequent crashes while loading ground combat saves, and so on. A few bugs are also present in the geoscape (eg an alien terror mission on a city in a continent that had already signed an alien pact), but geoscape is quite stable now. When all the issues with the archiving system will be solved, couldn't we have a developer provided savegame in the second half of the game, a few months later with a couple of bases already built? In this way testing the second half of the game could be way easier.
  6. Hi just wanted to help a bit, the aliens shoot through their own craft and obliterate my soldiers in this save game: http://www.filedropper.com/2013-04-19135535 Pretty sure thats not meant to happen. I also have another issue where the game locks me out of performing any tasks with my soldiers on the combat field. The problem only appears during the "alien movement" part of the game and doesn't seem to be repeatable from my loads and reloads. To give a more accurate description, the game doesnt freeze ie the mouse works fine, I can hover over my soldiers and the cursors turn green, the only problem is I cant use them ie click on them and perform tasks. Also the escape button goes totally out of commission and I have to alt+f4 and reload the game from my previous save. Any help on the latter would be great as I've had this issue 3 times and I've only completed 3 or 4 ufo missions thus far. I'm using a copy bought from desura yesterday so its all up to date. If I manage to get a repeatable save file ill upload it on a new thread. Thanks in advance
  7. After reloading a saved game, which was taken sirectly after an ground mission, I had an CTD. Before the crash to troop transporters returned to the bases. The crash occured the first transporter reached the base (see screens and save game). I tried for several times, usually the crash was shortly after the second troop transporter arrvied, sometimes it took a minute. But the crash happened always.
  8. I want to load a save game in the main menu where I am in ground combat. Clicking on it and the on resume leads to an instant crash.
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