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Found 3 results

  1. hey, maybe this has been discussed but reserved time should not be kept when player wants to shoot from gun. Most likely there is allien and thus it has no sense to reserve time wheb there is chabge of kill in own turn
  2. For a machine gun the reserve list says that it costs 35 APs to fire, while it only actually costs 25 for a dude and 20 for a hunter. I realise they cannot actually reserve them at the moment, but I often glance at that list to see how much it costs to do stuff.
  3. I find this stuff annoying and i really want this. Sorry if something like this has already been posted, but i didn't find anything which looks exactly like this. First, have an option to reserve AP for kneeling, separated for every soldier, just as there is already many options for reaction fire. This should not be difficult. Then, if possible i would like an option (maybe enabled using the same button as the one above, or not) in which if the soldier has enough APs (for kneeling plus reaction fire), he kneels automatically when the player switches out of him. Someone might say that this is bad because he likes to keep switching soldiers before really doing something, but then don't enable the automatic kneel option or take into consideration that kneeling consumes very little APs, so just ignore it. Maybe having an individual and global (entire squad) option, for that situation, and then the last one clicked (individual vs global) is used for each soldier ? I know it seems a bit complicated but maybe it just seems complicated but really isn't ? You know, having to make every soldier kneel on every combat in the hole campaign is annoying... ************* EDITED ************** How about this: the soldier only kneels automatically when there is at least APs to kneel plus APs to reaction fire if he selected that AND he kneels ONLY at the end of the turn ? Seems to me this would work... **********************************
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