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Found 8 results

  1. I'm playing Version 1.5, stable 09Dec2014, on Veteran difficulty. Here are a couple of bugs related to Buzzard and Sentinel soldiers 1) On the desert maps with the big multilevel rocks, you can fly your soldier INTO the rock. From within the rock, your soldier can see through the rock wall and be able to spot aliens. Although the soldier inside the rock can see the aliens (red alien icon), he cannot shoot them (0% hit chance). However, the alien is able to shoot the soldier through the rock "wall." (Luckily, your soldier is able to fly out of the rock, unlike the next bug . . . ) 2) The Carrier. I know many people have complained about the hidden Harridans. If you use your flying soldier, you can fly up to the carrier's fourth level and see the ledges that the Harridans use. I don't have a problem with this as it is conceivable for a Harridan to use this as a strong defensive position. Here's the problem: Your flying soldier can fly into the hull wall of the carrier and get stuck inside the hull wall. You end up with the same issues as in (1) - Your soldier can see the aliens in the carrier bridge, but cannot shoot them. However, the bridge aliens can shoot your soldier, who will die because he's stuck in there. (Note: The hull wall is approximately 2 to 3 tiles wide. In order to get stuck in the hull wall, your flying soldier needs to move onto the tiles that are immediately adjacent to the "legitimate" UFO interior tiles.) Phantom Reaper bug: I experienced one instance in which a Reaper became invisible after being shot by reaction fire. I can tell the Reaper is there because there was a shadow on that tile, and the cursor became red when I mouse over that tile. However, my soldiers don't "see" the phantom Reaper and the Reaper itself doesn't move or try to attack adjacent soldiers. There is no Reaper corpse. Firing weapons or grenades on that tile does not kill the Reaper. When I killed all the other aliens, the mission ended successfully, so I'm guessing that the Reaper was killed by the reaction fire before becoming a ghost. Sorry for the lengthy post, and hopefully these are not re-posted bugs. I'll check my saved games and see if I provide some screen shots. Also - Sorry for incorrect title format. I tried to fix it in advanced edit, but the edited title doesn't show on the sub-forum page.
  2. As the title says, I had a Alpha Reaper zombify one of my guys as he got into the tile adjacent to the reaper. Has this always been a feature of the alpha reapers? Or perhaps one of the Community Edition or one of the mods I have installed? I have X:CE .28, Expanded Lore, Aegis Armor, Armoured Assault, and FITH. Just curious if this was a feature or a bug. Thanks
  3. Nothing to talk about. I just want to share this with you. Only the Dead have seen the end of war.
  4. Hello I had a xenonaut crouching, facing SW get attacked by a reaper from the SE. The reaper played the attack animation, then CTD. There was no splotch animation for getting killed or sound. The reaper was from a zombie that had been shot by reaction fire the turn before. I decided to leave him be to see how the reapers are acting.
  5. I was always keen to see that each of the alien races would have something meaningful to contribute to the R&D of the game. This is partly to eliminate any superfluous research, but also to show that humanity was using the alien biology and culture. Looking at the autopies/ vivisections in assets (and please correct anything that now appears automatically out with researches, so this is a bit off the cuff) there' seem to be a few that don't really add that much. SPOILER SPACE FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE RACE NAMES/ RESEARCH TOPICS Caesian Their autopsy leads into Alien Biology and hence stun weapons. Their vivisection simply gives a bonus against them. So both counter measures.Having the Caesian Psion lead into some human psionics, if only defensive measures. Sebillian As per Caesian, they lead into Stun Weapons, but their vivisection will also provide you with the updated Medikit, so this is a good example of what would be nice to see elsewhere. Andron In 19.4 this doesn't seem to go anywhere? I would have thought it would lead into flexible armours (Wolf) or into Alien Electronics (which I see it did back in v18) Harridan A clear link into the Buzzard suit is there. I'd have thought that this would have been a prerequisite, rather than just an option along with any of the drones. Some sort of sniper rifle accuracy bonus may be a nice addition. Wraith - feeds back into the alien biology you'll probably already have by the time you meet them. I suppose a teleportation unit is out of the question. Ummmmm... some sort of 1 turn camouflage? A stasis grenade that blocks teleportation in it's range? Praetor - Something psionics related, if only defensively would seem to be in order. Reaper - In the spirit of invulnerable aircraft, research here could create greyed out zombie soldiers of your favourite Xenonauts. They would have a HP allocation much like an assault shield. Failing that, some sort of Medikit enhancement. Drones - Drones seem to lead into the buzzard. I'd have thought one at least (Medium or Heavy) into a hovertank. An Xenonaut drone was always on the wish list though. So a few thoughts, although the aliens , for me, should always have the edge.
  6. When in a terror mission in Cairo the last alien left was a reaper minion, but when I killed it (and saw the Reaper spawn animation) the mission ended in success. Essentially, I won despite a reaper being left on the map. Don't know if this has been mentioned before, or if it is a general problem or specific to my play through. Was ironman, no saves. Nothing else out of the ordinary at the time.
  7. I was playing a terror mission in newyork and there was an unusualy high number of friendly npcs (around 8 civilians and 3 soldiers) and a single reaper managed to infect 8 of them causing complete havoc, andvi thought it would be interesting if every few terror missions there was one with a large number of civilians and the only enemy was reapers.... they are probbly the most dangerous oponent in the game but you never see them in large enough numbers to be a real threat
  8. I was playing a terror mission. A reaper was waiting just in front of a shop on the opposite side of the street. I reloaded the game, and the Reaper was not shown, but it was still there. I shot the reaper; it did not die but it appeared. I killed the reaper shortly after.
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