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  1. Taken from modern-day salaries and with inflation calculated; I have reduced the salaries of all Xenonaut Staff closer to that of how how they'd be during the back-end of the Cold War. In addition I have overhauled the Vanilla Xenonaut Buildings for the sake of realism and balance. No longer will such a tiny Storage Room take a whole FIVE DAYS to build! No longer shall a Supercomputer be built in a mere TEN DAYS with cheap costs and NO Tracking capability! Today I present to you! The Building And Salaries Overhaul Mod for Community Edition v0.31 Installation: Extract to /Mods/ folder or use XCE's "Modding Tools" to install. Features: Increased Realism (duh, :3) Compatible with everything (Even X-Division) Buildings take more realistic times and costs to build. Salaries are more realistic to that of the Cold War time period. Better Defense Battery names! (example: Hydraulic Gauss Mega-Cannon) Base Building can prove to be more costly despite decreased cost for the initial construction. Quantum Cryptology Center now acts as a radar but takes longer to build and is more costly. Earlygame is easier on the player, but as new researches are researched things can become more costly. Tactical Notice(s): -New Fortified Command Center and three new buildings to aid the Xenonauts' survival. -Medical Centers heal soldiers quicker but hold the same number of soldiers as shown during Base Attacks. -Turrets take longer to build depending on how advanced they are so you might want to build them in advance! -Command Centers now let you station 8 Soldiers in them while the remainder of the base is being built. This means you can hire soldiers in advance and send them over to protect the new base before aliens can make that $250000 Command Center a waste of cash. Recommended for those who regularly play with XNT or X-Division installed. NOT Recommended for new players or those who are reluctant to build additional bases. THIS MOD IS ALSO NOW ON STEAM, IF YOU ARE A STEAM USER IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU GET THE MOD OVER THERE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE UPDATES TO THE MOD MUCH FASTER. (Link to Steam Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=367403073)
  2. Xenonauts: The Brevity of Heroes Realism Overhaul Mod Synopsis: "Nineteen months ago we saw a great light was observed by telescopes around the globe, in the three days that followed we found the source to be the edge of our very own solar system. Two days and sixteen months later; they're at our doorstep. Within the hour they arrived they had destroyed all manner of communications and spy satellites around the globe, pushing us back to the skies. Now we see them descending upon us like flies upon the bloody corpse of a crusader defending his homeland -- trapped here beneath the sky and an unyielding earthen core, we begin to realize the true meaning of Hell on Earth ... Let us push back this unforeseen threat, these genocidal monsters, for the day we liberate the sky from that grim shadowed embrace will surely, one day, be nigh." Starting Weapons: Research: Geoscape/Base Management: Air Combat: Ground Combat: Aesthetics and Sound: Current Issues: Current Version: 0.66 (ALPHA) Download(s): Version 0.66
  3. First off, let's start out by saying that this game has the best writing of any of the X-Com games ever. It really does. We all appreciate what Chris and all of the other devs are doing; namely, a superb job. That being said, lets get to business. GOALS Create a list of places in the in-game lore (Xenopedia) that contradict realism or otherwise break player immersion. Make proposals to alter the in-game lore to more realistically explain the game without altering the gameplay. Do it all in such a way as to minimize the work and/or annoyance of the developers. (We want to help, really. ) How we will accomplish this: People will make posts detailing specific instances of unrealistic or otherwise immersion-breaking lore ("unrealisms"). I will update this post with a list briefly describing each unrealism and include a link to the post. We will discuss the specific issues to try to reach a few good realistic explanations to replace the immersion-breaking one. When we reach a few good ones that people can (mostly) agree on and that make sense, I will update the list to indicate that the issues has been resolved and include a link to a post containing the more realistic lore. Allow Chris to decide if the proposed alteration is acceptable. IMPORTANT: To keep things organized, I'd ask us to avoid reporting unrealisms and discussing unrealisms in the same posts. Report posts should only contain where the unrealism is found, and why it is unrealistic. Feel free to make a second post directly after the report to discuss it. LIST OF UNREALISMS: Changes Not Proposed Yet <none> Changes Proposed LINK Missile Range Explanation is Unrealistic --Sidewinder --Avalanche LINK Fighters Having Armor is Unrealistic -- CONDOR -- FOXTROT LINK Weapon "Magazines" Erroneously Called "Clips" -- Rename Weapon Clips LINK Both Xenonauts and Local Forces use radar, but only the Xenonauts can see UFOs and track them consistently. So, we propose renaming the radar base structure. --(Same Link) OLD, OR OTHERWISE IRRELEVANT:
  4. I think that for a special forces unit to not have drones/UAV's scan the area prior to actually landing troops there is a bit unusual. If the map was entirely visible so people wouldn't find the edge and go "Oh, wait they are the other way." but the fog of war was still in effect to keep the element of surprise for the enemies that would be handy. I would love to see if people agree with me or if it's just me who wants this.
  5. First of all, since this is my first post: LOVE this initiative to bring 'alive' good old UFO. Downloaded Xenonauts yesterday, and is thrilled to see the way you have reconstructed this brilliant game - thanks! Second, I got one suggestion, that could improve the sense of reality in combat. When bullets miss their target, they oftentimes miss it by quite a lot! Typically it strays more than 3 tiles to the side of the target. It would seem, that even imperial stormtroppers shouldnt be able to be that unprecise ) My suggestion would therefor be to change the calculation algorithm a bit, so that instead of straying completely of, a missed shot simply strikes next to (or follow a trajectory nearer to) the missed target, making the shot a lot more probable, while still missing the target. I accept that grenades and handguns probably would follow more 'off' trajectories, but surely long-barelled rifles would never miss their target by more than a few feet? (it also bugged me a bit in old UFO). My 2 cents! Best Regards
  6. I would like all ufos to have an ability to sometimes boost to first cosmic speed (at least). 7.7 km/s (27720 km/h). This is a speed that is required to rech the worst (300 km) orbit. 11 km/s (39600 km/h) is still a speed that won't allow you to escape from Earths orbit. If the game limits ufos speed to 3000-4000 km/h then it is not clear how do they fly away to orbit. Also i would like to have hypersonic missiles.
  7. I've looked up the F-16 and according to the specifications, it can carry 6 Sidewinder missiles. I'm going to increase the ammo count on the Sidewinders to 3x on each wing, when I get Xenonauts running again. However, I didn't find the missile counts for the MiG-31, but it should be able to carry at least 2x Sidewinders on the wing tips and either 2x or 3x Sidewinders in the middle pylons, what do you think? Also since I didn't find an equivalent for the avalanche missile, I don't know how many of these should the MiG-31 carry, do 2x Avalanche missiles in the middle pylons and 1x Avalanche missiles on the wing tip pylons or no Avalanche missiles on the wing tips? EDIT: The Avalanche equivalent would be the R-33 (russian) or the AIM-54 (American)?
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