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Found 15 results

  1. I pre-orded the game (premium edition) ages ago on Desura, but never bothered to try and connect my Desura account to this forum until now. I tried to connect through Desura, but it takes me to a broken webpage (on this site) and I can't confirm the linking of the accounts. Am I doing something wrong or is it no longer possible to link the accounts? I'm using Firefox if that's relevant.
  2. Followed instructions and accessed my Desura account but I have no keys waiting for me.
  3. Hello, I have played the demo and I LOVED IT!. I wish I would have found this game while the kickstarter was going. I am looking at pre-ordering but im having issues with the steam key thing. Does Xenonauts require a steam account or the steam client? I do not like steam and do not support steam.
  4. The forum medals / pre-order badges are no longer available, sorry - they were a reward for the people who pre-ordered Xenonauts in alpha form (i.e. before the Steam Early Access release)! We actually would have liked to keep supporting them, but unfortunately it is not possible. We've had discontinue them is because they were linked to forum membergroups via Desura when we only sold through Desura, so anyone who bought a copy of the game was able to connect their Desura account to the forum and get a badge for doing so. We now sell primarily through Steam, and support other sales channels such as the Humble Store as well as Desura (and will add more in future). Therefore most people that buy the game will not have a Desura account, so would not be able to claim a badge. We don't want to cause arguments or make people feel like they've missed out by buying the game in the "wrong" place, so we decided to discontinue the forum badges at the point where Desura was no longer our only sales channel. Those who already have them will not be stripped of them, but will retain them as a thanks from us for supporting the team in the early stages of development when, frankly, they were taking quite a major leap of faith to buy the game! The comments in this thread all relate to the old claiming process. I have closed it to new comments now.
  5. How do i go about getting the Standard Pre-order badge? I paid for the standard pre-order and dont know where or how i can obtain it. THanks
  6. Hi all, I´m a very big fan of the original XCOM Games and i was so happy then i heard of Xenonauts:D My big problem is that I do not own a credit card...so i can´t alphafunding this nice game on Desura. The only possibility I have is "Paysafecard". I want to have the game soooo much! please,if anyone can help me I would be very happy. I have a 50Euro Paysafecard here...if there is any possibility, send me a PM! ps: and sorry for my bad english:P
  7. I created this profile a while back, and I finally bought the game, but how do I show that?
  8. I want to pre-order Xenonauts. Do I need to register again/separately on Desura?
  9. Heyho, just a short question: Im Interested in Xenonauts, but i have no Paypal-Account and Credit Cards are very, very unusual in Germany; i have none and dont know who have. Will there be other ways of payment in the Future? I want to support the Project and enjoy the game but dont have a chance to
  10. I ask you to excuse me if this issue was raised earlier. I could not find anything. Well... Simply put, I can't register on Desura. It's not that I have something against, no. I just can't complete registration. Registration forms asks me to enable cookies in browser while they are already enabled. Dead end. I know, I probably should ask about this issue somewhere on Desura forums or support. But why should I go through all these troubles while I'm only willing to support the game? Maybe I'm just a hot-tempered guy, but this situation drives me mad. Why there are no other payment option? Have you considered Kickstarter? Will there be any other payment in future? I would really-really love to give you money for this game. Please, tell me that there will be some other method of doing so. Because I know at least one guy who is as enthusiastic as me about the game, but most likely he will give up on this whole Desura business. And I'm sure there are more guys like him out there. Right now I would be very grateful if you help me in any way, or at least tell me that I can support the project later via some other yet unannounced means. Buy the way, I personally would like to have the game in my Steam library. Will it be possible? Thank you for your time. I wish all the best to the Xenonauts.
  11. More than 1 year ago I bought the game ( pre-order ). But for some reason I have been away from here for almost 1 year. What should I do now to have access to the game ?
  12. Hello to all! I have a question: if i pre-order this awesome, beautiful game in Desura, may i get the key for steam-version after it's release?
  13. (This news article is copied directly from the News blog on www.xenonauts.com - check it out!) It’s been nearly a month since Paypal shut us down, and the majority of those four weeks have been spent setting up the infrastructure required to take both Xenonauts and Goldhawk Interative forwards from this. The launch of the new Xenonauts website marks the end of this journey, allowing us to finally get back on track with development. Has the last month been wasted, then? I wouldn’t say so. It may seem that little progress has been made on the game, and to an extent it is true that we’ve probably been set back a couple of weeks of development thanks to this eating up all my time. However, there are several notable benefits that have arisen from our new infrastructure. For the community, the most notable of them are the the new forums we have set up at GoldhawkInteractive.com, our corporate site. These forums are powered by vBulletin rather than the integrated Joomla Agora systems we were using before. Consequently they are MUCH sleeker and more usable than before – and they’ll serve us better in the future too, as you won’t have to move forums to keep tracking any games we start producing after Xenonauts is done.We’ve also set up an official Xenonauts wiki, which should provide a valuable resource for anyone interested in modding the game or even just looking for some help understanding what’s going on in the current development builds of the game. The new Xenonauts site is here mostly just to sell the game – I don’t think the previous site did a good enough job of showing the world and the artwork of the game, and didn’t quite reflect the look the game is going for. We’re trying to make Xenonauts appealing to the mainstream as well as the strategy veterans, so the site has to reflect that. I think the previous one could be quite intimidating sometimes. Of course, convincing people to buy the game is useless if they can’t actually buy it – and we’ve now successfully launched our Desura pre-orders, so you can buy the game again! We’ve made a few changes to the pre-order system to mark the move to Desura – firstly, the price of a standard pre-order has fallen from $29.99 to $19.99 and we expect the final game to retail at this price. We’ve also got a Premium pre-order pack available for $29.99, which gets you a custom forum title and some other small goodies, but is mostly for people who want to help the project out as much as they can. If you’ve already pre-ordered the game, we are putting a system in place that will either let you claim a Premium pre-order or take a Standard pre-order and a $10 refund (details on how this will be returned are TBC). Finally, we’ve decided to open out the forums now that Desura are holding our pre-orders. This means the pre-orderers and normal community are no longer segregated, so everyone can participate in the discussions whether or not they’ve pre-ordered the game. I was never happy with effectively splitting the community in two, so now you should all be able to participate whether you’ve given us your money or not!
  14. So with the forum change will it be a few days while you update everything, before you verify those who are registered have already preordered the game? Just asking
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