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Found 4 results

  1. I wanted my soldier to exit the house then head towards his teammate, but there was a civilian blocking the way. I figure there were two options: 1) Wait one turn for the civvie to run out of the way. 2) Run around him through the other exit. But then, I got an idea; what if I stun this guy? Smack him in the face with the stun baton, then march through over him, saving an entire turn worth of movement. Also, since its a stunning weapon, the game shouldn't consider this a civvie death. Absolutely genius. What could possibly go wrong? [ATTACH=CONFIG]4860[/ATTACH] "That's ridiculous, I'm not gonna run like that" [ATTACH=CONFIG]4861[/ATTACH] "Out of my way civvie" [ATTACH=CONFIG]4862[/ATTACH] "Sleep well" [ATTACH=CONFIG]4863[/ATTACH] "Ah, much better!" [ATTACH=CONFIG]4864[/ATTACH] "Lets check if the civvie is okay..." [ATTACH=CONFIG]4865[/ATTACH] "...whoops"
  2. Is it done by changing isOverdamage="1" to "0" in weapons_gc.xml or is there some other variable?
  3. SO I've been playing the demo for the last few hours while the steam beta downloads, this game will obviously be amazing. Quick question, When shooting down ufo's, is their a chance for them to be destroyed? or is this based on the amount of damage you do? the last 5 or so run in's I have had with the enemy have all ended in ufo destruction and I am itching for some ground combat. Apologies if this is answered somewhere.
  4. I was reading one of the previews of XCOM and it mentioned you had to be careful to not use too much firepower when attacking aliens, or there wouldn't be anything left to recover. We were planning to put something like that in Xenonauts, but it got swept into the big old "something to look at in beta" bin at the time. Now's the sort of time to start thinking about it, and whether it should work. My initial thoughts are that it'd be a good addition to the game. It would mostly affect rocket launchers (Ferret and infantry) and to a lesser extent, grenades and C4 charges. I think the main value in it would be to allow us to make them more powerful. At the moment they don't really have the wow factor where they flatten buildings and kill most things nearby. This is for balance reasons - it's just too easy, particularly with the Ferret. The upside of adding overdamage is that you can kill aliens quite easily using the Ferret rockets (if it hits) but you wouldn't recover a corpse or any equipment if you did. I like that idea. I'm not sure it's technically plausible to have a running HP value for each item in the game, so I think it'd make more sense to have a sort of damage limit for items. If the tile / unit they are on recieve more than that amount of damage, they are destroyed. I guess they should probably be replaced with some "destroyed remains" tiles to show there was something there, and there should be a generic mangled corpse to replace the normal corpses. Does that make you guys happy? Do you have alternative suggestions?
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