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Found 5 results

  1. Hey! Not sure if I'm somehow building in an unusual manner or whether this is already being addressed, but right now the aircraft weapon scaling feels a bit frustrating. One full barrage of tier 2 (Alenium) Missiles/Torpedoes seems to completely destroy anything less than Corsairs (or is it Landing Ships?) which prevents you from being able to make money/get alien resources from ground missions in order to build the tier 3 aircraft that can even somewhat stand up to tier 3 UFOs. I couldn't seem to go back and trade out Alenium weapons for Sidewinder/Avalanche (which may have been a bug), but even if I could it would have felt like a really bad solution. I'd honestly really rather have more options in the dogfighting screen to control my rate of fire or intensity of aggression so I could choose how to fight the ships I encounter on the fly with either the intention of destroying them or forcing them to crash.
  2. The alien heavy missile (fired by heavy fighters and interceptors) really should have it's fuel total either increased or decreased. As it stands the missile can almost make a full round and hit an interceptor that dodged it the first time. But it can't QUITE make it, so it really just wastes about 5 or 10 seconds per battle while you wait for its fuel to run out. So increasing its fuel total would let it actually have a shot at hitting an interceptor on the second run, while decreasing the fuel would just make the wait less boring after you dodge it once. Or possibly just increase its turn rate. Would make it harder to dodge, too.
  3. I find it quite annoying that my fighters unload all of their missiles on a target that really doesnt need one. Is it possible to have fighters only use the required amount of missiles. Have only had the game a day so far so dont know if there is specific research on UFOs, but maybe link UFO health to weapon damage once researched so that extra ammunition is only spent when required rather than leaving the aircraft with nothing and vulnerable to enemy fighter interceptions.
  4. I think I'm two months in. I'm getting swarms of enemy fighters, and have no capability of defeating them. I use Interceptors in packs of three. I fire the first missile at each fighter (1:1 ratio), and the second one a few seconds later to catch them after the barrel roll. More often than not, I still end up losing the battle. Would Alenium missiles help in this respect? Can enemy fighters still dodge them? I'm losing so many fighters that I am almost immediately rendered incapable of engaging them anymore. Sending out the Chinook is pure suicide at this point, even when I do manage to catch a scout. HELP! Please?
  5. I've looked up the F-16 and according to the specifications, it can carry 6 Sidewinder missiles. I'm going to increase the ammo count on the Sidewinders to 3x on each wing, when I get Xenonauts running again. However, I didn't find the missile counts for the MiG-31, but it should be able to carry at least 2x Sidewinders on the wing tips and either 2x or 3x Sidewinders in the middle pylons, what do you think? Also since I didn't find an equivalent for the avalanche missile, I don't know how many of these should the MiG-31 carry, do 2x Avalanche missiles in the middle pylons and 1x Avalanche missiles on the wing tip pylons or no Avalanche missiles on the wing tips? EDIT: The Avalanche equivalent would be the R-33 (russian) or the AIM-54 (American)?
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