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Found 6 results

  1. The UFOs that they supposedly "down" are never damaged. Are they just always liars or has it not been programmed that these UFOs should be damaged?
  2. are you going to change the status of UFOs that are downed by local forces? because it says that it is undamaged
  3. So here I was in the middle east and I spotted some local forces with AKs, these babies have 30 rounds compared to the 20 Xenonauts' (XN) default rifles have. SO I knocked a few of them unconscious to nick their shit. >_> <_< ... what? Anyway, your units can keep these weapons only under specific circumstances or else the ballistic rifle will end up in the storeroom and it cannot be pulled out from the equipment list to equipped onto other troops. Is the current equipment UI going to be developed more to cover things like this so we can give a little more character to our units using gear found on the field?
  4. Something that has always bugged me in Xcom, and bugs me in Xenonauts now as well, civilians and local forces run around like, well, idiots, and there isn't much my Xenonauts can do about it. I wish that my Xenonauts could give basic verbal commands to people we encounter so they aren't just running in circles like chickens with their head's cut off in the middle of a crossfire. Nothing detailed. I'm not talking about taking direct control over them, and it would actually be even cooler if these orders weren't always followed, but sometimes ignored by terrified civilians or enraged local forces. For example, if you make eye contact with a civilian an option to tell them to move to your chopper for safety, or hold position. Something like that. It always struck me as odd that I'd be sent to protect civilians but have no way to communicate with them and actually keep them safe beyond hoping they don't run into a hail of plasma fire before I kill everything. Also, I noticed that my stun weapons seem to outright kill civilians which is also a bit annoying. I wish there was some way to knock them out for their own safety. Kind of like how modern day SWAT forces will handcuff hostages to protect them as well as the SWAT team itself.
  5. In September of 18.1 I only had three UFO encounters. One escaped and two were "Local Forces Down UFO" When engaging in either of those, I got the old End of Mission after a single turn. Should Add: Light Scouts downed in the normal fashion in October created missions through to the end.
  6. What about a nice screen appearing to let the player know that the local forces have received a technology upgrade? I think it would add a nice bit of background to the game. A little knowledge that the world is united v the aliens, and that all those weapon sales have been for the greater good. Being X-Comy I found out about the upgrade to lasers when one of my guys was shot in the back at the news stand on a terror mission. "This ain't a library, pal!" I could have sworn hearing.
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