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Found 5 results

  1. Creating this thread for posting of correct co-ordinates and names of various cities, as well as any border corrections. Don't derail it or start random discussions about minutiae. Try to keep it focused.
  2. Lots of people seem dissatisfied with current level of weapon accuracy in the ground combat missions. I'm not necessarily convinced this is a problem, but I would like to have a play with the accuracy values and see how higher ones feel in the game - in order to test this I have made the following changes: all alien weapons and the human ballistic weapons have had their accuracy level increased fairly significantly, and the "close range" accuracy bonus has been doubled. I am testing these changes locally (note they will NOT be in the next experimental, they are just a test) but I have also uploaded them in an archive [LINK REMOVED AS THIS IS NOW VERY OUT OF DATE] To try these changes extract the contents of the above archive to the "assets" folder within your Xenonauts directory, overwriting 2 files when asked. Then give the game a play (don't go too far as I have only changed the ballistic weapons for humans) and post up how you feel the altered accuracy changes the fun/pace/challenge of the ground combat. (I would suggest you only do this if you are on experimental build 4 and know how to use Steam to verify your game cache to revert to the old files when you are finished testing the changes) So, thoughts?
  3. Wouldn't it be cool if the developers showed us some concept art of an unnamed alien race and allowed us to submit names for that race? I think it would be pretty damn cool!
  4. Hello all, This is a follow in from this thread: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php?37-Submit-mascot-representative-for-marketing-purposes/page5 Basically looking to see if anyone can come up with some nice, period specific, posters or art that might help tell the story of an impending alien invasion. See the original thread for some ideas! Happy posting!
  5. I was thinking that Xenonauts could really use a cool or lovable character to represent the game in marketing and general internet love-spreading. Right now the game doesn't have much attitude, and it will be perceived as sterile and generic -- I love what I have seen so far, but that's just how strangers will perceive it. The X-COM units and aliens were iconic, even if they were kind of goofy, and this gave it a certain "flavor". I think the community could submit drawings to use for marketing, such as you'd see on the "Box Art" for a traditional game. My own idea is to use one of the "talking heads" that are apparently going to be implemented into the base management UI. These characters need to be interesting and appealing, they can't afford to be seen as lifeless or dull. Basically what this means is that their face needs to speak volumes about who they are, how they think, and how they carry themselves in the face of alien crisis. I'll submit a drawing or two if the idea is approved, or wait and see what kind of thoughts the team has on it.
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