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Found 6 results

  1. Creating this thread for posting of correct co-ordinates and names of various cities, as well as any border corrections. Don't derail it or start random discussions about minutiae. Try to keep it focused.
  2. A few people have already found it (highfive), but I started up a play-through of Xenonauts in its current state several days ago. I've been doing update videos for a while but haven't had much time to really play it until recently, so it's effectively a blind play-through if you're into that sort of thing. I look at it as a way of seeing how intuitive and balanced it is for an X-Com veteran. I'm not very far in it and I need to restart already (Hotfix 1), but I hope some people are willing to come along for the ride. I'll likely accept volunteered soldier names later on; for now I'm sort of enjoying the defaults. I could use some help tip-wise as far as research paths and all that goes, but try to keep the backseat gaming to a minimum I intend to keep it going throughout beta. Some updates will probably break the save but that's fine. It depends on what the update does, but I may just get back to where I was off-camera if nothing in the early-game was modified heavily. Chances are I'll try to continue where I was and just refer to an update video for the details. Edit: Celebrating Steam release; started over due to popular demand:
  3. Every day, I type a random word in and let Google take me on a journey through time and space, visiting the strange and unusual. Today I typed in "Xenonauts". And I found.... ...this. It looks like a free app for Android phones that tracks the various feeds and the forum. It's had (the seems) a crap ton of downloads. I don't have anything Android enabled. Does anyone who does have an Andoid phone have this on it? EDIT: Looking at the "Concerns and Permissions" tab, I don't like the look of what it can do to an Android enabled device. Possibly better NOT to download it?
  4. -I'd have just deleted this thread and its posts but this forum does not allow one to delete threads-
  5. Hello folks, I have a binary patch that will take you from V16 to V16.1 , and is only 45MB in size!. This is for Windows ONLY and is 100% not official or supported, but with those caveats Chris has no objections to my sharing. I have used this for my own system, both at home and at work (: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/px48nnlmrcqzzaj/0X8yhxdxvL Grab the V16_to_V161.exe binary , doubleclick and follow the prompts. There are MD5 checksums there as well for the paranoid. Hopefully this works for Windows folks, but I'll try to help as I can.
  6. Sathra

    X-com eu lp

    Well, lets get this show on the road. I'll be playing this with Seb76's UfoLoader with heavier Heavy Plasma, stackable grenades and 200 power HE packs. Edit: Heavy Plasma and Plasma Pistols have also been modified, Heavy Plasma extensively so. It'll be on Superhuman, since every other setting makes me paranoid for some reason. [/url] Current recruits: Cpt. HunterHavoc - Heavy Laser, P Pistol, HE Packs. Kills - 25. Col. Dix II - Heavy Laser, P Pistol, HE Packs,Medikit. Kills - 25. Sgt. Kirmu III - Heavy Laser, HE Packs, P Pistol. Kills - 14. Col. Assoonasitis - P Rifle, HE Packs. Kills - 45. Col. Jean-Luc II - L Rifle, L Pistol, Stun Rod, 2 grenades, 1 Smoke, Scanner, 2 Medikits. Kills - 29. Cmdr. Lucy Fer - L Rifle, L Pistol, 2 grenades, Scanner and Medikit. Kills - 32. Sgt. Animal II - L Rifle, Stun rod, 1 Smoke, Scanner, Flare, Medikit. Kills - 6. Lenina Huxley - Pistol, Stun Rod, Medikit, Flare. DEAD. Cpt. Marren Nidth - Heavy Plasma, P Pistol, Medikit, HE Packs. Kills - 21. Marty Marillo III - L Rifle, P Pistol, Medikit, HE Packs. Kills - 13. Cpt. RavenX II - P Rifle, 2 grenades. Kills - 5. Current Casualties: 17. Casualties that count: 8. Tanks Lost: 2. I'll update this list as needed, with stuff in italics kit yet to be available. Inform if you want to make changes. As for death, thinking of just having you cycle into a new recruit with a number appended, or 'possess' one of the NPC troopers if possible (your choice) and rename them. If you want to write up in-character stories or give tips and such, feel free as long as it doesn't derail the thread too much. (Links to stuff goes here)
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