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  1. Select next never work fine for me so i dont have it , I alsodont use roles- this may be problem why we cant load the save blackwolf.
  2. Cant load your save and I have skitso map pack did you copy the weapon xml from XNT to main? Becasue I didnt and I read before that somone said there is problem with merging those files.
  3. Playing ironman with such a buggy engine is insane x20 you will never finish the game- most likely you sooner win in lotto, not even playing it. ctd always hapens: c4 trigered by vortex- ctd, crusier c4 exploding upstars where u have no LOS - ctd, egg ataking your fainted solder- trigering c4 - ctd, you move somwhere and game freezess- hmm i am waiting 20 minutes- w8 more or restart? etc. etc. etc.etc. x120
  4. At least you didnt said that Dumbledore agress to that(beeing mortaly sick or something) so Snape could be v close to voldemord @podbelski gameconfig.xml will tel you or no I ll do
  5. All the best TD hope u get well.
  6. I think that all the buffs to damage for soldiers and nerfs of alien resistance ane maby other things as well leads to xnt beeing to easy right now. You dont need to speed up reaserch to get beter weapons ASAP, gargols are not a threat anymore they catch bulets like traning dummy. Any chance to rebalance it? Or information what exacly was changed so anyone who want could revert the changes or go somwhere beetwen 5.3 and 6.?
  7. This is what Iam testing right now 3 bases and try to get another 2 next month with only air defences. In 5.3 I have builded base 4 and 5 quite late and was strugling a lot with expenses even doing all GC missions.
  8. Not only for soldiers and worker but planes new bulding etc. etc. I did 80 GC in 5 months in 5.3. Build base of soldiers trough few months so: in first hire the one that are decent plus 2-3 week for sheilds/scouts duty when they die hire another 2-3 for same role. In the meantime you always get another few good to hire so do this before EOTmonth. With new month do the same hire decnet once only(yes at beging of each month the poll of soldiers is changing) this way in 3 monts u can have good base of soldiers, and if you rotate them a lot - they will not be so week like new one- of course you will not have a squad of super soldiers this way but adventage of that is that it usualy dosent mater you lose some during GC misions. It was my tactics some other people may have beter one tactics then mine.
  9. I can only mention hat i did in 5.3 so: 40 scientists ASAP. Have more soldiers: let say you have 30 more then usualy- which cost u 300K every month and 300K on start- but then you can do almost every ground combat mision in each vave so usualy 1 vave cover your costs and rest is profit comparing to air strikes- and it is huge difrence in XNT. Radek how things with alien dificulty - Iam thinking to change they stats to one from 5.3 and start new game - it seems right now they way to easy- what you think?
  10. After bulding or during bulding? To fix coyote just copy paste armour picture from: Xenonauts/assets/mods/XNT/soldierimagesfemale/armour.impjackal to: Xenonauts/assets/mods/XNT/soldierimages/armour.impjackal
  11. I was always thinkink that 40 scientists i had was not enough. You passed terror site because all your soldiers where wounded or injured? No reserve squad? Are you playing every GC mission or you airstrike a lot?
  12. Yea I have notice the same that at least ATM game is easy. Onestly the setings from 5.3was fine for me. Only delta viper was a bit to though and only until i have reaserched lasers. Shall see whats next.
  13. Onestly never thought that basic armour has any bonusess thanks - its true Unfortunately still vortex gun shoted into feinted soldier triger c4 in his backpack which usualy lead to EOM and 3/4 team slaughtered - unless game will crash what hapens as well- so u eather has to reload or dont have c4s in backpacks. Again I presume its vanila isue but was hoping some things will be fixed.
  14. Anyone notice that one of the stats of soldiers reflex is buged - i mean you get higher reflex then setings in game config allows. I had it before and notice that some of my soldiers REF is 70 when I just hired them and setings was set up on 65 and it wasynt starting soldiers. Same now i just checked and few of my soldiers has Reflex above 70 and 2-3 for hire close to it. Of course its not XNT casuing that, I just spoted it again and shared maby someone saw this too. It seems the value is buged by 5 and seting it from 30-60 give recruts with proper values from 35-65.
  15. Copy paste one from soldierimagesfemale to soldierimages.