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  1. First awesome work and I'm sorry for the loss of your loved one. I don't see a reason to limit troops we can deploy, if the aircraft can fit 12 then fit 12, some missions should have 4 or 6 aliens and some should have 30. If the player doesn't want to bring more troops then they shouldn't, but don't make the aircraft seating unrealistic because some don't like it. Maybe make the beginning aircraft a short-range helicopter and let us work our way up to affording a ch-53 or ch-47.
  2. Acosta

    Heartwarming developer story

    The link is gone, but it's an interesting game. It reminds me of Star Sector almost, if you haven't heard of that game yet check it out http://fractalsoftworks.com/
  3. I thought the Kickstarter was over but the 18 Euro or more will grant you EA, 25 Euro grants closed beta
  4. Awesome work, but the custom soldiers have blank faces
  5. Steam did not download this update until today.
  6. Acosta

    Steam Keys - How To Claim!

    Finally dreaded Desura is gone!!!
  7. I cant even use Desura or get on there site, thank god for steam!!!!!!
  8. Acosta

    Build V18.51 Released!

    Soon I hope but I'm sure he's only gonna upload soon! its gotten alot more improvements since steam announcement! I just hope it's tomorrow!
  9. Acosta

    Steam Early Access

    MacGyverDTH tanks you but I cant connect to Desura at all, that link says it wont connect, I have no I dea how to fix it lol but atleast steam works and I just have to wait.... I just wish I could take a week off of work and school when its out on steam, can not wait!
  10. Acosta

    Steam Early Access

    I bought the game, but am unable to get on Desura for some reason so I can not wait for it to be out on steam!!! I've been waiting so long to play this!! It's come along way and amazing development! And where is my fancy badge? lol