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  1. Its not unrealistic for a colonel to take the field. A general would be a bit ridiculous. However, I think Major would be a good place to stop. So in principle I agree - unless you made Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel really, really hard to achieve. Imagine losing them then!!!
  2. SJF14

    Steam Keys - How To Claim!

    Step 6: Uninstall Desura!
  3. SJF14

    Ongoing Playthrough

    Yeti, I like the videos - good stuff. I am a total noob to Xcom and would like to test the Beta and record my impressions from the perspective of someone who has no knowledge of the original game. Can I ask how you upload video to You Tube. Does it just take hours to do, or is there a way to compress the file and upload quicker?
  4. SJF14

    Steam Early Access

    When will the forum badges end, once it's on Steam? I may just buy the game a second time to get a nice gold badge. I haven't even really played the game yet and may not even like it, but I really appreciate what independent developers do and when I think of the dog turds I've played over the past twenty years that cost me £50 each, it only seems fair to help out in this way. I just have one request if I do go on and commit 87% of my waking life to Xenonauts over the coming months/years, please do retain your communication with the community and support of the game. When companies fail to do this (such as with XCom-EU) it makes me not want to play anymore. I'd rather play an imperfect game that I knew continued to be worked on and believed in, rather than a something rushed to market and then silently abandoned.
  5. I think this is a very fair and balanced review. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Xcom because it is genuinely difficult. Playing classic ironman with the new second wave options turned on has proved a real challenge. Good, point about Xcom raising awareness for Xenonauts too - it's the sole reason I found my way here and bought the game.
  6. SJF14

    Instant Pre-order

    Indeed There are a few minor things. The odd crash or unhelpful camera angle but generally I've found it very solid. Well I agree that that is a nice shot and I like the way you put it "full of charm". It's not the scenery/buildings I have a problem with. I think maybe I am yes. I think we can assume that Xcom veterans (I am not one) will be interested in and purchase this game but for the majority of gamers may be turned off when they compare the graphics to other top-down strategy titles. In this age of Starcraft, Diablo, Civilisation, Total War, Company of Heroes, etc etc, can a game using 2D artwork really flourish? If it's a matter of cost and resources, then I understand, and I'm sure they are doing the best they can with what they have to work with. However, as a casual gamer who is not an Xcom afficionado, I have found myself less than convinced by the graphics in the videos and screenshots I've seen. It's not just the 2D issue, some of it is design. Here's an example: The soldiers, when you see them in the hangar and choose their equipment, they don't exactly look very badass do they? The ones I've see look like an accountant in a helmet and jumpsuit. Hardly an elite killer force! With all that said, I probably shouldn't comment on a game I have yet to play. I did buy it though last night (if only because I like to support independent titles) and I will try to have a look tonight and give some considered feedback.
  7. SJF14

    Instant Pre-order

    You're entitled to your view but the facts really don't support it. Xcom enemy unknown was a big commercial and critical success. There is only one bug of any real note, the teleport bug. The maps maybe small but that only makes each decision more crucial. It's also an extremely difficult and unforgiving game at the higher levels. I don't really understand why you would bash such an excellent game? Do you realise that Xenonauts is likely to have a plethora of bugs that need to be ironed out too and that it will sell far fewer units than Xcom (since you're bothered about that kind of thing). It may be more prudent to wait until both games have been released before making any comparisons. I imagine I will be buying Xenonauts but I'm not going to view it through rose-tinted spectacles. The sub par graphics are already a concern to me. The gameplay will need to be all the more compelling to make up for them. Time will tell if they can pull this off. Until then, I'll continue having fun with other excellent games such as Xcom.