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  1. After crafting the taser, I go into the Stores Screen and the game crashes to the desktop. I have tried it with the stun grenade and the stun baton and they work ass intended, despite the stun grenade having the picture and name of the taser. I can't send any videos because I was playing the game of a friend's pc, and he has no video making software. He also told me the version he has is the latest, so I believe him.
  2. hrmm. I have reinstalled and updated to the current version, and have started a fresh game. Mainly because I screwed up in my previous game. And I'll need to get back to that tech level again. Which reminds me... what files would I need to edit if I want to add 2 weapons to the foxtrot? (Adding a second missile so that there are missiles on both wings instead of just on one wing)
  3. I am not sure if this has already been mentioned or if there has been a fix already made, but there have been several "Research topics" that once researched have no text for them in the X-pedia The picture below shows what I mean. So... has there been a fix for this or did I install X-division incorrectly or what?
  4. I bought it when it first came out as a preorder. I loved it. I recommend you watch a few videos of it before you buy it if you go and buy it. That is what I usually do, for games that have already been released that is.
  5. well, I was sick at about 4 am last night and the download had FINALLY finished by then, as I noticed the computer was turned off at that time, since the download manager I try to use all the time can turn off the computer when the download is done.
  6. Version 18.5 standalone is ready for download right now and am currently downloading it, especially since I am from Australia and it is currently 2:06 am for me.
  7. Sorry to hijack this thread but I too have the same problem, but I only notice d the ground textures. I don't know about the other textures, but it was the very first map I came across to fight enemies. Though I was sure I read that this is because of how the game archives the texture files. (Could be wrong though) But I haven't done anything other then quite the game.
  8. Does that mean I have to uninstall and reinstall everything to do with the game? Or can one just update without removing the game first?
  9. Awesome layouts, but I'm curious if you have another store room or barracks built in your base, will those extra room show in the layout? OR if you remove a hanger or rearrange the rooms around... would the layout also change?
  10. what about having that feature as a possible dlc type of thing? That way it can be added to the game later on, after the game is already out?
  11. I'm just curious as to why there couldn't be a second map, or a second part of an existing map that would have a linking or a transfer point at the ufo entrance so that when a soldier enters they swap to a new map... or a new part of the map that can't be seen normally? What I mean is when a soldier enters the ufo he or she would be automatically transferred to a 'hidden' section of the map or would load a new map that is just for the ufo. (It's just a suggestion/question and not sure if it has been posted already as I am kinda dead tired while making this post.)
  12. I had heard about UFO Extraterrestrials 2 a long time ago, and the release date kept changing. Now I do not even know when it will be released... as the first release date from what I can remember was suppose to have been november 2010 (or was that 2011)
  13. Awesome. When it is tested it and if it works, I'll be downloading it. Can I ask when you think you'll have the ability to add and remove weapons? I would LOVE to make a fn p90 for the game, if it is not already IN the game.
  14. Curious to know if this will work with V17.1 Also curious to know if this will eventually be able to add or delete weapons? (By adding weapons I mean like this type of scenario... Having a FN p90 already in the game and using that weapon stats and graphics to create a new weapon, or allowing the user to select a different weapon picture for the new weapon.)
  15. I myself have used save game editors, but only after I have played the game through without cheating OR if the game is very very hard and I do not want to restart and loose a good 20 or so hours of playing (on and off) And I find it fun as well. Getting plasma weapons right away. Killing enemies with the best weapons straight away. but like I said only after I am either stuck or have beat the game already.
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