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  1. I was assuming a cross-dresser. My special forces unit is Progressive! My next recruiting spree, I hope to net Ru Paul, Dennis Rodman, and Strom Thurmond.
  2. I have two troops named Kei Tachibana. one guy, one girl. Not sure how to take this.
  3. Except that they won't do any fighting! They just lounge around in the infirmary, ordering stuff off of infomercials.
  4. Not anymore it doesn't ((Insert Evil Laugh))
  5. It's been back and then out onto another mission and back.
  6. My dead soldiers have stayed on my payroll. You can dismiss them, but that seems rude. The game should take care of all such arrangements.
  7. I was offline yesterday, and actually happens twice. I got a screenshot of it once. I'll check and see if any of the saves were prior to the event, but I will check later. After you finish one engagement, the game will CTD. The first time it happened, one of the two let me choose to engage, without having an engagement already, and then went into double mode. The second time, they were both automatic engagements. Therefore, I think you are correct in assuming that it's a timing issue.
  8. Automatically. With manual control I didn't see much of a difference, but I did not try that as much.
  9. I've seen that elsewhere in the game, but all of my other Germans have a regiment. This guy is special...
  10. I had an inkling that this was happening, but now I've tried it in a couple of scenarios. The autocanons on the F-17s are delayed in firing, or don't fire. I've tried a couple of variations, but it seems the autocanons are always delayed as if torpedoes, and sometimes don't fire for any reason. A lot of F-17s died testing this...
  11. Off-handedly noticed that one of my Xenonauts, a German, has his previous regiment listed as "#####". Is this guy Stasi, or do we need to run better resume checks on our guys?
  12. Confirm, this bug just killed an awesome game I had going
  13. I had this happen in v10, but just had the first instance happen in v12. Bug: Soldiers randomly panic, without ever coming under fire. Circumstance: - Scout town map - Soldier with AR - Beginning of 2nd Xenonaut turn - No aliens had yet to be encountered