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  1. True, but I find this less odd than some of the other suggestions. Given the extraordinary circumstances I find it as likely to happen as todays military organizations giving posthumous ranks and rewards, which we all know is not very uncommon.
  2. I like to think of the ranks as placeholders for their regular army rank. The national outfits are bound to value experience from Xenonauts rather highly. Surviving as a Xenonaut would therefor be a fast track to a high rank in the military back home.
  3. How far into the game (roughly) is 800, 1000 and 1200 respectivly? Just asking out of curiousity since I've reached the end of July and have a serious amount of fighters. The first terror mission is around the corner, but I guess that might be on a different timer.
  4. I had a Chinook outbound to a crashed ship when a city nearby was terrorized. However, it was not possible to redirect the Chinook to the terror site since when the city was clicked it opened up the "Intercept screen". Since it is not possible to select a vessel in flight atm, this meant I could not help the city unless forcing the Chinook to return to base first. Replicating should be fairly straightforward. 1. Get to the point where a city is terrorized. 2. Send your Chinook out to another target (probably doesn't need to be an actual crash site) 3. Try to redirect to the city in question.
  5. Yep, I know what they stated, but considering the changes to the ground combat to make the game console friendly I'll continue being sceptical until I'm playing it myself. Don't get me wrong though, I'm still bying it at launch!
  6. From what I've seen of it so far it seems to deviate quite a lot from the old game(s) in regards to the depth and atmosphere. Xenonauts is much truer to the original. I hope that the new XCOM will get more people into the genre, thus generating more sales of Xenonauts as well.
  7. I, on the other hand, did civil service as an Airport Fireman for a year.
  8. So, you are in a ground mission and it is going fine, you are closing in on the UFO, and then you mistakenly press V... You know what happens? You end the mission in a victory. Sure, you don't get the points for capturing the UFO, but that is about it... Bug or Feature?
  9. Have you taken into account that soldiers don't have to be fully healed before being available for missions? Unless below a set threshold they can participate, albeit with stats penalties.
  10. Managed to reproduce it. The steps are pretty simple: 1. Enter a mission 2. Make sure at least one alien is unconcious 3. Look at Victory screen. Also noticed that the screen says I have captured 4 aliens but gained no points for them. According to what I know I should have captured 1 alien and gotten 4 points for it.
  11. I just finished a mission very early in the game in which I captured one alien and killed the other. The victory screen came up, but I didn't get the 100 points for securing the UFO. The bug where an unconcious creature spawn an additional corpse still remain, btw.
  12. Assume I'm daft and need a more thorough explanation of your fix... because I have the same problem and would like to apply it... but don't understand what you mean.
  13. Update - This CTD can happen when using grenades as well. Just had one when using a grenade on a 0%er.
  14. I, on the other hand, would prefer a xeno mode (that is unlikely to be made) to simply not feature recurring squad members at all. The progression of individuals is something the feeble huumaans concern themselves with. The progression of the invasion is what should be focused in such a mode as xeno.