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  1. Ok I've uploaded a copy of the save to media fire. heres the link. Sanginius
  2. I have just restarted with version 10.21 (latest Desura build as far as i can tell) and towards the end of the first month one of my soldiers got injured, end mission screen reported him at 80% health with ETA of 8 days before he would be fit to fight again. got back to base and went to the chinook to transfer another soldier on so i would be at full complement, but the injured sldier was still on the chinook, then i realised hadnt setup a med facility and i couldnt see one in the default base layout so i started one building, however the "injured" soldier appeared to be magically back to full health, he went on the next mission the following day and was at full health. Unfortunately the only save game i have at this point was an autosave of the chopper on its way back to base after the mission where he was injured. ( I've also made a manual save of this as well) but whenever i try to attach that i get an error 404. If the save game is of any use then please let me know where to e-mail it. Sanginius
  3. My 2 cents on this. I've got 2 bases up one in Europe and one in North America. I have a save that i have played through from (start of second month) until the first terror site appears 3 times now. Each time the terror site has appeared in Australia, I cant get to it from either base. I tried setting up a third base in the indo china area so a fair amount of land was covered by its radar range. From here i still didnt have the range or the ability to get to the terror site in Australia before it disappeared.
  4. Thats the exact location i also noticed, thanks for attaching the screen shot, still cant figure out why i couldnt attach one.
  5. Depending on the angle of the fence/hedge/wall the troops will jump up and down on the spot and then walk through the obstacle. I have only had this happen on farm tileset, as i havent noticed any walls etc to jump over on the industrial tileset. if the obstacle runs from NW to SE and the trooper jumps from NE to SW then the animation appears to play properly of the trooper jumping over the obstacle, however obstacles running NE to SW the trooper jumps up and down on the same spot and then walks through the obstacle.
  6. Every ground combat mission with a grounded scout(any level of damage) you are able to walk through a specific section of the hull (rear wall of the front section at the top.). I have a screen sht showing the location via pathing, but its nt letting me attach it to this post.
  7. Here's a random idea to add to this, once the idea of how suppression has been worked out is over, and people go back to how suppression manifests itself on the game play, what about the possibility ( unknown if feasible) of having suppressed units unable to use the more accurate targetting methods?
  8. Intriguing, Looking forwards to more of this.