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  1. BackStory: So i'm writing this on my phone, so forgive me that it is short. If this gets some positive feed back i'll turn this into a semi-regular series. It take place before the game is supposed to take place, but after the Iceland incident. Be gental, i haven't written in years. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Who’s the target?” “Sergeant First Class James McKinley, he currently a patient at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.” “Does he need to be silenced?” “No, we want him. He led a team into the Amazon, after something fell from the Atmosphere.” “And we didn’t get there first?” “No, his team happened to be closer. His entire team was wiped out but he survived.” “I’ll see what I can do, when do I leave?” “Now” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Now Sergeant, tell me again what happened to your team?” the Doctor asked again to James with a sigh. This poor bastard was so traumatized he thought he saw a bunch of little green men who killed off his entire squad. “I already told you, the aliens killed them. It wasn’t a satellite, it was there ship!” James yelled. He was fed up with this ‘fucking retard’ as he put it. He had been a ranger for ten years and had seen things that would make most people’s skin crawl, but he had never seen this. “They had these ray guns that melted my men’s skin. We couldn’t get a clean shot at them. I saw Matches get hit, and his LAW rolled out of his pack. I grabbed it just as they hit the LT and fired it straight into the fuckers.” After that he refused to say anything. The doctor gave up and told him to go to the Rec room to clear his head. James sat down in the corner, away from all the crazies. He buried his face into hands and just played that day over again in his head. They were stationed at a Listening post, deep in the Amazon Jungle listening for Russian subs. That was when something showed up on radar and the order came down from Washington to send his team in to capture whatever it was. James, Matches, Clayton, Martinez, Pierce, Lewis, Williams and Banks all piled into a Helicopter and were En-route within fifteen minutes of the object landing. Upon landing the team had set up a parameter around the crash. He had just ordered Martinez to get closer when he saw them. Tall, grey creatures that stood roughly six feet high and they held what looked like rifles and when they say Martinez they pointed one at him and fires. Martinez let out a scream as he was vaporized. The Scream haunted him. “Sergeant First Class James McKinley?” Brought back to reality suddenly, James looked up and saw a young women wearing a black dress. “Depends on who’s looking?” “I wanted to talk to you about what happened in the Amazon.” James was startled. That was a classified mission, only a few people knew about it. “How the hell do you know about that?” “Sergeant, I’m here on behalf of a group who has an interest in you” James laughed and said “Have you heard I’m bat shit crazy.” The young women smiled and said “I know, you think you saw and kill aliens.” James stopped laughing and looked at her and asked “What kind of job is it?” “We need you to take over for one of our team leaders who was killed in action.” “Your NATO?” “Not exactly” “Who are you fighting? The Russians? The Chinese?” “No Sergeant, were protecting the planet from an Alien invasion.” James nearly stood up and laid her out, but was only stopped because of the sincerity of how she said it. Finally James said “Ok I’m in.” The women got up and started to walk away, but before she did she said “Welcome to the Xenonauts.”