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    7th March Development Update

    It does go to show what a monumental accomplishment XCOM was back in the day -the amount of coding it takes to recreate it.
  2. Slocket

    Beta Delay

    Remaking an epic masterpiece game as this, really does take a lot of time. I will look forward to the complete game when it is finished as much as possible, since most remakes of this game have missed their marks and died a horrible death. -too many compromises and missing game play content.
  3. Slocket

    Kickstarter Pre-orderer

    Not simple if it is not working. Desura says "I do not have Xenonauts associated with my account" Please buy a copy. I surely bought the 20 pre-order through Kickstart yesterday May 21, 2012 through Amazon pay link. I cannot get any farther. It does not work. Please help. mesage after Desura login What exactly is the difference between Alpha and Premium Alpha build? It reads the same. Should I have bought the Premium to play the released builds as they are released? Confused. ----------------------- This is the Premium pre-order of Xenonauts. This will grant access to the development builds of the game to allow you to beta test the game, plus a copy of the final game once it is complete on Desura or Steam, plus Goldhawk Interactive forum goodies! Buy $29.99 Windows ----------------------------------- Xenonauts Alpha This is the standard pre-order version of Xenonauts. Purchasing this will give you access to the latest Xenonauts development builds, and a copy of the final game once released on Desura or Steam.
  4. Slocket

    Forum Medals?

    I went through Kickstart and Desura claims I did not buy a copy linked to my account. I sure did buy the 20 pledge paid through Amazon over this weekend, and I have no Silver Badge. What is wrong? Is there two accounts confusing?
  5. Slocket

    Kickstarter Pre-orderer

    I gave the pledge of 20 USD. Is there supposed to be a Standard Order silver medal by my name? Is there two different pledge systems? I went through Kick starter. Thanks. Standard Pre-Order: A digital copy of Xenonauts on release (retail price $25), plus access to our development builds and beta testing until the game is complete! This also includes a special silver forum medal for our forums.
  6. The one aspect of capturing alien alive is that it was a fun challenge to run up and capture on with a stun gun or shock one from a blast instead of wily-nilly killing them all. You got more money and loot form them, and interesting research you must do to further the game story. It forced you to use your Xenonauts to acts of bravery to capture a live alien. I hope it makes it back in. Fatigue was a nice addition if possible for game play. Also, I loved the cow mutilation and folklore of original XCOM and X-files.