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    Xenonauts-2 July 2021 Update!

    Awesome stuff! Keep up the amazing work as always guys!
  2. Does anyone else feel that the alien lethality in the early game feels too high? It feels like recruiting soldiers based on HP and loading them with the best armor you can afford is pointless because they still get one shot no matter what. I wouldn't have a problem if it was unarmored soldiers being killed, but it feels extremely frustrating and punishing when one of your soldiers just bites the dust because an alien just one taps your soldier through their armor. What's the point in buying armor if it doesn't save their life or reduce casualties? I think that a soldier that gets downed in one hit through their armor should just fall unconscious for the duration of the mission. They can also make the soldier have an extremely long recovery period while they're at base and not die outright, that way their armor still protects them but you are still a man down during the mission. What do you guys think?
  3. Jet Jaguar

    Alien lethality possibly too high?

    I agree that the lower tier armor should still be vulnerable to being one shot, I just don't think it should lead to instant death, there's been so many times where a soldier with 65 HP and Combat Armor just dies on the first mission to a random reaction shot that activated the moment he was spotted by the alien, It's just frustrating. I think the medbay could use some improvements, definitely. Perhaps lowering the construction period by a week or so can make it more impactful in the early game.
  4. Jet Jaguar

    Alien lethality possibly too high?

    True, but that still doesn't address the outstanding issue of your soldiers potentially being insta-gibbed with no counter play. That's the crux of the problem.
  5. Jet Jaguar

    Alien lethality possibly too high?

    I agree, I just don't think soldiers being one shot through their armor with no way to save their lives is fun or interactive, It's just frustrating. I would understand if you're using under tiered armor. But what's the point of rushing combat armor if your soldiers just get one tapped by alien magnetic pistols? This would be true if there is absolutely no RNG involved with the game's mechanics, but damage has a spread, everyone has variable hit chance, you don't have perfect knowledge about which aliens you're fighting, where they are, etc etc. I'm not saying this game shouldn't have RNG, I am saying this game shouldn't punish you for investing in armor that has a fairly high chance of failure. To have a soldier die in one hit with no counter play is just not fun or engaging. Even if you move all of your soldiers one tile at a time through the fog of war, if there's an alien over watching a corner that you're walking through, that soldier has a HIGH likelihood of dying irrespective of his armor, or his health values, hell even combat shields have an 80% chance of being worthless. I wouldn't mind if the soldier was one tapped but survives at the end of the mission. Similar to the bleed out method in XCOM as mentioned above, maybe we can heal them to stop the bleeding but that soldier is now incapacitated for the duration of the mission.