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  1. Hi all! Just a quick question, is there a way to find out how long it will be for engineers and scientists to arrive on base? I started my first game last night (i had backed the game but didn't want to spoil the game by playing the early builds) and couldn't find any information on how long it takes for scientists engineers or replacement soldier to arrive. Just thought that it could be a useful popup to let "commanders" know when their specialists are due to arrive. Thanks
  2. Ah, so the actual intent for KP, damn haha oh well
  3. What exactly is KP duty under Commissar Pancakes? I assume it involves breaching alien ships with nothing but kitchen utensils. and yeah myself and Isoor pledged the $120 or $130 Kickstarter tier so we had to choose from a selection of pre-done faces, and eventually we will get our physical goodies.
  4. But it is a compulsory part of Xenonauts! =)
  5. The Eternal Hero, who didn't know he was one! =P
  6. Of course, i have no doubt that if i am put in as an NPC in their next game, i will be the first character to die, or my death will be the incentive for the player.
  7. To be honest, i had no idea (i am not much of a forum user) it wasn't until a RL friend of mine told me that i started to discover, that i was/am some sort of famous soldier that everyone has sent forth to battle to die a glorious, if painful death.
  8. Wow, honestly i had no idea i was some kind of celebrity on the Xenonauts forums, i feel kind of privileged, but at the same time find this whole thing absolutely hilarious!