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    Doors in UFOs

    You considered implementing an equivalent of the Fire In The Hole mod for X1, which allowed you to use explosives to breach through additional spots in the hull of the UFO? Always at the expense of loot of course.
  2. Let them pick up weapons on the ground, both human and alien.
  3. Thanks for everything @Charon , most sincerely.
  4. If you were just trying to get me horny - well, it worked, so congrats. Imma reinstall Xenonauts ASAP.
  5. Wait, you're telling me that flashbangs, smoke and stun grenades blowing up UFO equipment is not intended? This cannot be understated - using the aliens' own lightning weapons against them is incredibly effective earlygame, as well as their own stun grenades if you think using one there is worth not crafting more out of it later.
  6. Ok, I’ll take a look at it myself after I finish my current LWR campaign. From what I’ve gathered through the forums, for the armed friendlies I’d have to edit the map to increase their count and place spawn points, though I haven’t seen anyone try to edit the base defense map, and I assume that the fact it is procedurally generated from the base’s layout might mean problems in that regard. As for the attempt at selfdestruct devices, I assume I’d have to edit the submaps that I assume form each room/facility. Oh well, it’s worth an ignorant shot. Oh, and since you’re gonna release the next internal build soonish: if it’s not much work (I ask because I do not know if it is), could you please include an optional “sandbox” module that multiplies funding by an obscene amount like 10 or so? I’d like to play through the game once in a more “toolboxy” way, trying out everything possible te see how it plays so that when I play a non-cheaty campaign and it’s time to choose what to soend on I know what each option will get me gameplay-wise. No need to have it as an option in the installer; just having it be installed and disabled by default is enough.
  7. I know Ikm a bit late to the base defense discussion, but are there any qualitative changes you could easily make to the tactical map itself that would aleviate some of the issues you described, like populating the map with armed security personnel (civillians technically, but you know what ai mean), or some veeeery explosive containers that would serve as ways for you to purposely destroy a room to kill or heavily injure all aliens within?
  8. @Dr. Ethan So by substantially increasing their Goal weight, they should prioritize getting to the X-Div's transport before anything else, hm? But there is no way to make that weight specific to terror missions I assume; in other missions it's still better to have the civillians find a good place to hide. What's the Civillians-to-Aliens headcount ratio in terror missions by the way?
  9. Regarding the fact that trying to rescue civillians is pointless in terror missions when the only viable tactic is to trench yourself in your landing site until the alien numbers slim down, by which point all civilians are dead - what if you made the civillian AI heavily prioritize getting to your airship at virtually all times? If you justify it by considering that, well, a chinook landing is pretty hard to miss by both sight and sound, and that you might be broadcasting it via speakers. But justification aside, how would you feel about that tactically, Charon? If the civillians get to you, then they also serve to attractvfire from aliens that would otherwise shoot at your soldiers, instead of from aliens on the other side of the map. And if enough civillians get to your ship succesfully but you still consider you gotta retreat, cue the hilarious realisation there is not enough space for all your troops in he chopper.
  10. Hey guys, it's been a while (aka: I was a newbie to xenonauts and xdivision and I wad active here for a few weeks a couple months ago, until I finished my first month with a debt of 2 million and took a break after realizing how much I sucked at the strategic layer). @PALU , would you happen to know about the technical feasibility of changing having a pedia entry unlocked immedieately upon completing any research of a defined set? I haven't reinstalled the game yet so correct me if I remember things wrong (or they have changed since), but currently the Rifle pedia entry of each alien weapon family is the one with the longass description of that alien weapon family's technology AND the also verbose explanation of the shots-limiting protocols and alien magazine workaround (to justify the gameplay-balancing low ammo capacity of looted alien weapons and not being able to redeploy them on subsequent missions). I was thinking it it wouldn't be neater to 1. Remove the ammo count part from all alien weapon pedia entries and put it on its own pedia entry, "Alien weapons protocols and reload bypass" or something similar, unlocked automatically a bit after the first succesful mission, and 2. Move the description of an alien weapon family's general workings from its Rifle's pedia entry to a new entry, unlocked automatically alongside the pedia entry of the first alien weapon of that family that you research.
  11. I knew it didn't make sense that the optimalncourse of action was to bring all 160 scientists to the interrogation room with the alien medic and when they were done bringing them all to the alien technician, maybe having all of them dismantle a flame pistol inbetween. Regarding ancient weapons: I like PALU's idea of mixed damage types, giving them a kind of reality-destabilizing vibe. Unrelated: it might only be possible in Easy and using the AI-nerfing module, but I love it when a farmer soloes a sebillian by suprlocking it turn after turn. Or when a xenodrone walks into a shack turbed killbox and gets mauled down by three farmers; it was out of my sight after he entered, so you can inagine the situation when I engered it afterwards expecting a different kind of massacre.
  12. Ohh, I get it - cover reduces your adcuracy twice: first for blocking your view, and second for blocking your bullets. And only the view-blocking is computed in the to-hit chance shown next to the reticule; the bullet-blocking chances are instead shown separately next to each obstacle in the way, and are only checked against if the bullet happens to actually cross them after roling for fire dispersion. BTW, I can’t replicate your result of 67.5% to shoot at targeted tile from the first one diagram, pre-bulletblocking. You sure it’s not 51.5%?
  13. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, that was what happened. On another note... how screwed am I if the maintenance bill of the firt month put me a bit over one million in debt?
  14. Uhm, how do I ALIENALLOYS? I was excited to finally produce my first laser weapon, only to discover it requires an ALLIENALLOY, of which I seem to have none. And I also can't find how to craft them, despite havinga already researched "Allien Alloy Fabrication". The problem isn't the contrastingly unspecific research preview description per se, but that it's the same for two/four different researches (I can't remember if the Guard vivisections had the same ones too). Maybe just add aliitle bit to the Sebillian one/s "You've managed to captured a live alien! And a bitey one too! Let's see what we can learn from it." You can also make the GUard ones different (if they aren't already) by adding "guard" after "alien", or maybe "heavily-armed" before "alien".
  15. The basic vivisections could use some work; I think they all are "You've managed to capture a live alien! Let's see what we can learn from it".