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    A little side-suggestion on balance and realism.

    My thoughts on this are that the accuracy of the sniper in question is translated into a percent which then that percent is used to determine a hit or a miss, making it so the gun itself is super accurate, but the sniper still needs a high accuracy to be super accurate.
  2. SomewhatArchitectTheFirst

    Best mods / improvements for Xenonauts 1?

    Two mods I liked in particular were the Full Soviet Weapons and German Weapons Pack. They added non-NATO weapons (obviously) and, despite not using them, made it feel like I had more choice as to what I could use. Maybe in X2 the player can have weapons from other nations?
  3. Just imagine it: You're defending a town from a terror attack, half of your units are dead, and then a new dropship comes in with reinforcements from a different organization which are being controlled by your friend or some random person. Or instead they don't send reinforcements and are instead trying to become more of a force than you for a more competitive style of multiplayer. And of course, another way of doing multiplayer is a versus mode where one player manages the Xenonauts and the other player manages the aliens. The aliens would have two ways to win: annihilate all life on Earth, or achieve whatever the aliens in XN1 were trying to do (not sure 'cause I didn't get that far yet). This would allow players like me who prefer playing with friends in the same game and not separate to be able to do just that, play with their friends in a situation where we can screw each other.
  4. This crash is theoretically frame perfect, meaning the steps to recreate it will not always work. Side note: this is also a bug in the base game. -After multiple UFOs are detected, intercept 2 or more of them with interceptors with equal ETA -When they intercept, auto resolve it (I'm not sure if this happens with engaging) -Auto resolve the second one, too -If they intercepted at the exact same time, the game should crash 100% of the time I couldn't get a save game or screen shot because my computer sucks and crashed, apparently having Google and Xenonauts open crashes my laptop EVERYTHING CRASHES MY LAPTOP (completely unrelated to the game).