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  1. Same here--can't hire soldiers, and changing the technician count alters the soldier count but still unable to hire. v14 as well, whatever the latest build is.
  2. MentatYP

    [v9.2 - Saved game]

    Same for me. Normal, non-ironman, save the game in the middle of a ground combat mission, and when I load the savegame it takes me to the geoscope instead. I'd be happy to provide the savegame if told where to find it and where/how to send it.
  3. MentatYP

    Ground combat mission save game

    Nevermind, found people talking about it in the Bugs forum. My search skills must not be as good as I thought Well if it's a confirmed bug then no sense continuing here. Thanks for your help.
  4. MentatYP

    Ground combat mission save game

    Pretty sure I was just on Normal difficulty. Is there a way to check from within the game once I load it?
  5. First post, hi everybody! Finally got around to trying out the alpha I paid for a while back. Sorry for this newb question because, let's face it, I am a noob I saved a game during a ground combat mission at a crashed UFO. When I started the game today and loaded the savegame it took me to the geoscape instead of the ground mission. Is this a known bug or do I not know what I'm doing? Tried to search but found no hits so I'm asking here. Thanks ahead of time for your help.