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  1. Thanks. There's actually quite a few typos in the Xenopedia that I'm fixing at the moment. I'll be reviewing that entry soon so I'll fix it (or at least run it through a spellcheck) then.
  2. Yeah. But you're right there's quite a big gap between the UFO waves. They come at day ~36, ~52 and then ~76. I might add another wave in and move them a little closer together.
  3. Hmmm. I honestly don't know, but my suspicion is that if it's not part of the calculation when you take the shot, it doesn't reduce the accuracy of that shot. This actually seems like an issue with the fire path algorithm. There's no reason why the shot shouldn't be able to travel through the visible tiles and not tag the wheelbarrow at all, and I'm a little surprised that it isn't doing that. But it's not an issue I've noticed myself before in all my time playing, so I'm guessing it doesn't happen that often, which means there's probably more important things for us to be spending dev time on right now.
  4. Thanks. Yeah, this is a good spot. The issue isn't actually a bug per se, it's that I re-enabled an old mechanic and forgot to enable the UI for it, which I'll fix in the next hotfix. Basically there's a weight / power system active on each plane, and the stuff you're equipping is too heavy.
  5. It's an interesting question. In the original X-Com the Accuracy of a soldier is reduced if they are not at full HP (this happens during battle too), and I've been wondering recently whether to put that system in the game. Specifically, they reduce Accuracy by 0.25% for each % of health lost. So if you're on 60% health, your Accuracy is reduced by 10%. Not actually a huge penalty but it's still something. The reason why I think it might be a good idea is that it solves the problem you've mentioned here, but also solves another problem - whether reaction fire / overwatch is worthwhile against tough enemies. Basically in a lot of cases reaction fire just isn't worthwhile if it doesn't immediately kill the enemy, because an injured enemy is just as effective at attacking you than one on full health. If we use the X-Com system then hitting the enemy with an overwatch shot would reduce their Accuracy and make them less of a threat, even if they're not actually killed. What does everyone else think?
  6. Thanks. Hmm. I can't reproduce this one either - it feels like the save might be a little too early in the sequence, perhaps? In the second save, if I drop the Laser Battery and then move the second soldier onto it, I can drag the ammo directly onto the gun and it swaps places with the empty clip in the gun. That leaves the gun reloaded and an empty clip on the ground. Is that not what's happening for you? Also, have you hacked the game in some way or is the fact she has 992HP a bug we should be looking into?
  7. Hmmm, just tested this and that seems to load fine for me. Can you reproduce it? If it happens again it'd be useful to see the logs as there's no way for me to see what might have caused the issue otherwise.
  8. Thanks. Yeah, I did try this myself and noticed that. The programmer responsible is looking into it anyway.
  9. Thanks, that's a very useful save file. Yeah, looks like there's several bugs here. The main issue is that the game just doesn't seem to be registering if you bring the stunned alien back to the dropship for some reason, so we'll look into that. I think in this case I'd probably just revive and kill the alien while we fix the bug! We'll take a look at the other bugs too.
  10. Interesting. This is happening in the save file but it's only with one soldier. So I think what's confusing you is that soldiers who are Injured rather than Wounded (i.e. above 50% HP) aren't automatically removed from the dropship when it returns to base, because they're still allowed to go out on missions. And then when you click the button, it only fills the empty slots. I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to automatically unassign injured soldiers from the dropship too. I think some players would find it useful, others annoying. It might be best just to set up right-click on a soldier name to remove them from the dropship so it's quick for a player to do that if they want maybe? As an FYI - in future, if you switch to the Experimental Legacy branch (or just Legacy branch if you're part of the Playtest group) then you can access the old version and check your saves.
  11. Ah, yeah. I know what's going wrong there. I'll get that fixed for the next hotfix. Thanks!
  12. Thanks. I'll get this fixed in the hotfix.
  13. Thanks. Yeah, this was reported earlier today and we should have it hotfixed in the next 24 hours.
  14. This is the first hotfix for V27 and unfortunately it breaks save games. I'm going to put V27 on the Experimental Legacy / Legacy branches but I wouldn't suggest trying to play it, as it will crash when the Cleaner Headquarters mission is revealed. Changelog: The game will now correctly remember changes to Settings if you exit the game. Fixed a crash that occured when the Cleaner HQ was revealed. Fixed the Geoscape speed buttons not appearing in the tutorial. The first UFO wave now appears about a week earlier, and the Abduction mission is also moved forward a similar amount. I've then added in a second wave of Scout UFOs after that, before the Destroyers start appearing. Updated the starting soldier loadouts a bit, and ensured that all starting soldiers (in particular Assault and Shield guys) have enough Strength to carry their starting loadout. The Air Combat deployment zone is now a semicircle ring. Fixed the timing on the "reinforcements have arrived" notification on the Cleaner Intel Hub mission, which was previously triggering too early. Fixed the Effects line for soldier armour tooltips showing a double negative when there is an Accuracy penalty. The Accuracy tooltip on the Soldier Equip screen no longer shows the title "Bravery". Set up tooltips for the new Anti-Aliasing options in the Settings panel. Fixed the inconsistent paperdoll shadow darkness between Tactical and Combat armour in the Soldier Equip screen.
  15. Actually, the coder responsible thinks the game is already set up to work this way, and can't reproduce your issue. Can you provide a save game so we can check what's happening? Is it possible those other two uninjured soldiers were still in transit, or something like that?
  16. Thanks. Yeah, looks like a crash when the cleaner HQ is revealed. We'll take a look and hopefully patch it shortly.
  17. Yeah, the first UFO doesn't show up until about day 25, which should be tactical mission number 3 for most people - although I guess it depends how aggressively people target the Cleaner Cells, really. What you're seeing happening on the Geoscape before that is Cleaner activity, which only stops when you destroy the appropriate Cleaner Cell or HQ.
  18. Thanks. I'll log this but it's a low priority bug that most people aren't going to encounter, and won't affect those who do encounter it much. So it'll probably be a while before we fix it
  19. Thanks. Yeah, I've noticed this one myself but we've just not had time to look at why it's happening yet. Hopefully we'll find time in the next week or two.
  20. Thanks. Yeah, I can reproduce this. We'll take a look and try to get this fixed ASAP!
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