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  1. @Charon Ok i found you on steam and applied to your Group community , and sent you a friend request. Do not worry i'm not a violent girl, i never hit anyone with the strong and strict noble education and family i have here in Belgium. ^_^ i wont hit you on any game too,
  2. @Charon Ok i found you on steam and applied to your Group community , and sent you a friend request. Do not worry i'm not a violent girl, i never hit anyone with the strong and strict noble education and family i have here in Belgium. ^_^ i wont hit you on any game too,
  3. @Charon I play on computer , so i have Xenonaut from Steam i'm not good with my xbox one or ps console , i'm more on Pc And you ?
  4. Yes, we agree, it would be fun, but unfortunately we are only 2 guys right now, not 100. @Charon it's paying to join your team or free ? i need to buy something ? If you are so interested in maps why dont you come over and make some of your own ? @Charon Hum well if only i knew how to do it... i spend a lot of time modding more than playing my 200 different game and other from uplay origin ect and other browser. Hope i didnt offense or make you angry by mistake.... ç_ç not my intention :_: What nationaliity are you ? Belgium/spanish blond girl, blue green eyed. medium size or a little more small little size. French italian spanish SPEAKER. Gaming girl with gaming pc expensive... and loving games like you and MODDING n_n meoh *cat moan* We are here, we are listening. @Charon i'm glad to see it, at first i thought i would get insulted by anyone on this forum with my broken english and difficulty to write properly your language i'm glad someone could listen to me or read me or less, without laughing at me or thinking i'm just a '' troll'' or critic girl, i'm not. Wanna be the map maker ? Yes why not, if your team is agreed to accept me, would be a pleasure, i like xenonaut a lot since that my daddy bought me that game, i wanted to try to mod it since many weeks but i never knew how or what tool to use ect ect to make map, or colored alien weapon or add different new ufo ship and teleporter inside them ect. or how modify the interior of ufo ship to make them bigger too and how to add new tank or vehicle ect and make bigger map. MORE, MORE, MORE, feels like you are part of the team already. I wish i could be with you if you are ready to accept me would be a honor ^_^ ! You dont need anything, notepad ( notepad++, sublime text ) and excel is all you need. @Charon i see thanks you for telling me. WOWOWOWoWoWowowowow ... we are not dieing we are just like a football player lieing on the ground. @Charon awesome i also play football in my country with my feminine team whose i'm captain, i have many photo on my private facebook too about my passions i didnt meant to say you are a dying team, i was just asking like i have read that only 2 of you still working on X-division mod, ^_^ i'm not angry or whicked or mean i'm sincerly sorry if i offended you , i didnt want to, sorry for my bad broken english and difficulty to express myself correctly in your language... i apology sincerly. (i struggle) Everything is possible, its just a question of manpower, or womenpower. @Charon I'm available Mister Charon ^-^ if there is no sexism too in your team :$ Yes, if @Solver has time to make custom missions possible that would be a possibility. @Charon I'm available if you could teach me how to mod that game or if you need someone who can be available for long hours. i would be pleased to help you and offer you freely my support and service and help to develop and improve or add more of content to your mod Good evening @Phoenix1x+52 or rather good night, thanks you for sharing youtube video of the mod with me, i'm very touched and moved, sadly i'm Belgium i have some difficulty to understand english and use a translater or my own knoweldge i studdied at School even if i'm graduated and speak French italian and spanish only Yes, you are not OP for once :). i didnt understand what you mean or was saying about this answer i'm learning how to answer on this forum, i suck a bit at that :$ jju
  5. Hello mister Drages, thanks you for answering to my post, (sincerly sorry for my broken english) i still like the mod but i do not know how write in english what i try to say properly or correctly i mod different game also like : dawn of war 1 , starwars empire at war foc too, starcraft 2 and some others, i wish i could learn how to make ufo ship all that and what are the tool for xenonaut to mod or build any weapon or ships or alien ect, i do not know where to download any tool or editor or things concerning this game, i recently bought it on Steam with my daddy. if i understand your team is dying and this Great mod X-division too ? about the blood of corpse it's just impossible to make more of blood on the ground all that ? Impossible to have many teleporter and stage for each ufo even the little one ? and have more of room in their interior ufo areas too ? it's impossible too to make a new interface also in the menu where i see the earth planet and all cities all that ? with new button and text colored ? possible to add more of different tank new variety plasma canon and other futurist things on the vehicles, and more of walker all that ? and plane or figther to build ? possible to add more of new human armor too ? and more of ALIEN type race ? it's also possible to see more of different alien drone and with other color too ? possible to add more of soldier force and civilian for each mission too ? to increase the realism ? 0/5 soldier alive or 12/24 civilian, in my opinion it's weak number, i mean it would be fun something like for example 20/20 soldier rescue and 100/120 civilian rescued more or less ect ect, like during the terror mission. it would be cool also if we could land on planet with at least 10 soldier instead of only 8 + 1 vehicle and if we could also send 2 vehicle max, or 3 and from diferent type too, it would be fun. ah i just think about something, it would be also cool if there is alien vehicle like walker too all that and not only (alien drones) or heavy drone. would be cool colored laser color for alien and human, yellow, blue,orange,pink,purple,brown,white, or dark, green, blue light ect ect,, same for plasma, phaser, electric weapon colored would be fun too, ect ect.... would be really cool if there is more of teleport added for each ufo type from little to mothership i have a lot of time to learn how to mod the game, i mod many games alone since some years ^-^ n_n and it's hard also for a no english speaker but i learn fast too ^_^ i also moded game like universe at war, and some others. i'm very interested in your X-division mod i like the gameplay even if it's too hard. actually i'm blocked and trapped with a ground mission and a huge crab cruiser alien with kind of cyborg alien immortal and my equip are just stuffed or equipped with jackal armor (lmao i must admit i'm well blocked now) .... and i didnt expected that my soldier would do no damage to them,even my tank. ç_ç ah also about human weapon something i dont understand, a sniper is supposed to kill from far, and even from far or close i constantly miss and do weak damage on (any alien of the mod) about the machine gun i thought it was a joke with a range of 12 ONLY.... and still missing and doing weak damage with that, oh and also about the rifle of my soldier, even shooting x3 or rafal i do weak damage or miss, no matter the distance (LOL).... but i'm testing....after all but many things seems unrealist to my eyes or so strange O_O! ah also i would have enjoyed more if there is more of medikit type, grenade, rocket ect and also more of WEAPON ammunition, same for alien/human hybrid weapon, i'm running out of ammu very often... i capture alien body and their weapon and when i equip their weapon i have a ridiculous amount of ammunition in them 6/6 9/9 ect... i dont get it to be honest. and again when i shot with their weapon i miss often... LOL again... I would have enjoyed for example a system or a bit like-xcom ennemy unknow or xcom 2 even with 60 or 80 % of chance to touch the ennemy than there is less of miss, because to be frank and honest, i'm pretty tired to miss any shot even when i'm close of alien or in good range, ( my soldier stupidly constantly and OFTEN miss all shot i lose a lot of ammunition for nothing, the alien no matter the distance kill my vehicle big damage so easly, kill my soldier big damage with any of their alien weapon so easly i dont get it.. it kill the balance and realism, i can understand alien mean, intelligent, evolved, improved, perspicace ect ect but sweet jesus... what a cheat... Unfair. no matter the difficulty i tried... i would have loved to play with a system where alien like human have good chance to never miss like in xcom and xcom 2 or other similar games. cause in xenonaut since that i bought the game and played it even with no mod, jesus i dont count how many bullet or laser or other i have missed, oh i just reemember now too, your flamer weapon (it deal so weak damage to alien) i dont get it... ridiculous amount of damage ah it would be also cool to have blue flame, pink flame, yellow green flame ect like for all weapon color effect... red laser color is annoying it would bring mor e of diversity in Your mod i think, even if i know i'm expecting or dreaming much (sorry for being blond and little noob) soldier miss too much their shot no matter distance/weapon, even 75 % or more miss shot ... so i struttle to get them promoted they just die, i lose money recruiting many other useless soldier unable to do anything, would be cool if pistol weapons of any type or race would have improved range, like shotgun too, and the rifle too, with machine gun. and more of accuracy for all weapons cause aliens re really cheated in your mod
  6. Hello, i'm new on your website and forum , and i discovered this of your mod on steam then i was curious to learn about your mod, and finally downloadded it someday , i like all the new content, image xenopedia and ships ect but, there is many thing and info missing with xenopedia alien new weapons, and i'm confused terribly about the piece of item to disassemble or for what purpose ect ect. also what killed my pleasure to play this mod a bit was than with any difficulty i have no way to destroy a little baby or medium alien ship with a f17 or foxtrot so i'm pretty blocked and the aliens continue to kill or do their business or what they have to do, i lose support from different country ect, and worse again i'm not even equipped correctly and could no farming properly to unlock things because on any difficulty of this game i keep dying with my soldier, alien overpowered, pretty impossible to kill a ufo just going to them when they (hasardly or miraculously decide to land on the ground) and i found it really shamefull about this concept of inferiority and how useless i'm... about xcom interface i would have enjoyed if the main meny around the earth map would be better than just a icon of bunker and plane, i would have prefered many computer of scientist or a interface really sci fic realist, and colored new UI button of interface ect, i like the wallpaper interface from main menu before to load or charge a saved game. also about 231 alien different i just discovered xenomorph or the same 7 type or 8 normal type of alien i thought this mod bring a lot a lot alot more of new aliens and content about them and also different blood alien... i still like the mod but sometiume i get a bit annoyed because i'm powerless vs alien, about air air combat i suck terribly all alien even the little figther can shot from long range compared to any of my shitty figther plane, (i never had any chance to win even when bringing 3 of them or 2) the avacs is shamefully useless.... i'm not there to critic this mod i like it a lot but many things killed my pleasure. (X-Division 0.99 Beta) about map size i was a bit size most of maps are little, i discovered a landed alien big cruiser, and the map in the jungle was so long and huge from any side, north south east west i REALLY enjoyed it, but what disgust me is all the other medium ufo or little and other maps are poorly little map size, and i dont feel it realist, also talking about UFo and their size i would have enjoyed than even a little ufo has a teleporter to go to the next stage upstair, i was impressed about the carrier alien ship first time i see a ship with a second stage to reach from teleporter but i'll be honest, a carrier ship with only 2 stage for such ship size ? not reallist i would have enjoyed if you could add for the most little ufo at least 2 stage, for the medium corvette 4 stage to reach with teleporter, for cruiser ships 8 stage with teleporter to explore, then with carrier 12 stage with mothership alien 24 stage to explore ect ect, it would be SO FUN also .. about UFO ship size when grounded or landed on the planet map they look ridiculously little and inside the room and chamber are so tiny i dont feel like if i'm in a ufo but in a bus or little vehicle i didnt find any realism in that, if you could find a way to multiplicate or increase the scale of the size of all ufo ship landed on the ground i would enjoy it because they are too baby size i feel really ashamed, in other x com game or similar ships (interior) are not so tiny thight like that and with only 1 stage... but also i think maybe i'm hoping for nothing, or maybe no one or developer of this mod would care about a little girl non english speaker like me and her opinion :'( i would have enjoyed if all the land mission map are 3/4 time bigger size to have bigger ufo size rescaled all that and with many more interior place and room inside their ufo ship and many teleporter too all that. i would have enjoyed if the game had more of (new aliens type) for real than only anton and other normal alien, i also would have enjjoyed if we could have purple pink psychoc power or than alien send such psi or psychic attack against us too . and more of laser color team, green blue yellow purple orange ect ect, and also more of weapon effect collor for all other weapon type, ballistic, laser, plasma ect ect more of different color, not only one color for 1 weapon type, it's repetitive and visually annoying with time i would have enjoyed if there is more of soldier, NPC of tank NPC of civilian running everywhere on the whole map, even during terror mission i didnt feel like terror bit a bit like a joke.... i would have enjoyed if there is more of Ufo from each type and size with different color and more of different alien too and also if the game could last more long time to increase the lenght of the game. i also would have enjoyed if there is more of armor futurist too and other for human technology, more of tank type, of walker type, and of alien ufo ship to build, and also if we could pilot a big ufo ship human technology to fight their ufo for air air too. i would have enjoyed also if YOU COULD ADD a new human soldier ship when starting ground mission because this fatty usa big black ship is annoying , i was hoping to see something of new for this nex x division mod.... i would have enjoyed more of blood coming out on ground from human and alien when they get killed... with laser or highter technology i would have enjoyed if the f17 figther or all the human fighter or helicopter coudl use laser against ufo to kill them too ect ect than only using small range balistic weak ridiculously non sense...