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  1. Yes, light drones are extremely annoying in the jungle. I find them in the bushes with a flying buzzard dude and shoot by snipers.
  2. Corsair guns positions was broken, and one gun shot like stormtrooper. I fix this by adding gun position string in aircrafts.xml file.
  3. Seems some sprites for adron terror soldiers are missing.
  4. It's funny, but I played a month ago in ja2 1.13 for a long time, and even added new types of ammo and weapon stuff for the game. Both games with mods are good in their own way. And the x-division has no problems with the transfer of the feeling of the original game, to which I played more than 20 years ago. I think it's just aliens kick your ass hard... so gitgud (c)
  5. Confirm these xenos gives chitin. But roboreaper not gives cores. Can you tell what and numbers it should give pls? I will fix it by myself.
  6. @Phoenix1x+52 Xenomorph marble drone and warrior DSBs also broken.
  7. @Dapifer I tried gattling laser mk3 cause it burst fire, and was disappointed, he is not accurate enough at the distance but at close range minigun gives a more powerful burst and supression. Cannon has splash damage and it useful, mk3 has burst. Precision Laser far more accurate, it works well. I also used SMG but limited time. DPS is bad, but shield... Laser rifle has good accuracy, but i can't find place in my squad for it, may be in next phase... Flamers has huge drawback - destroys loot and corpses, shotguns leaves live aliens ... feel difference =) Ye, laser one had huge trouble - ammo, but wastes sibs and adrons pretty well. Game and mod gives a wide space for choosing tactics. My main tactiс is get into close range and shred targets by heavy weapons - mainly miniguns with shotgun support. I use terrain, suppression, smoke, shields, vehicles at once to achive this. If this is not possible i use snipers with shield scouting from far distance and grenades of all types. Snipers has shotguns backup and joins assault also.
  8. When i shoot down terror carrier, i first remove fighters with dual laser pulse asierus. Then throw on it foxtrot with dual condors (pulse + anti-missile) half-suicide squadrons, until he crushed. Squadrons may be full-suicide triple foxtrot. Anyway it is necessary to obtain a critical mass of planes in one place. Firebirds a hot, especially at first phase Mix of kinetic and energy weapons. Energy even more cause sibs and adrons effectiveness. Sniper rifles and miniguns are good. Also some shotguns as backup weapon useful to got live alien (pair baton swings, pair shots and interrogation subject ready). May be.
  9. Hi, some time ago i start new playthrough for 99.41 and find some bug - when i catch landed ufo (green one on map) i find many destroyed corpses in it, like in crushed ufo. And many corpses in all ufos looks like killed civilians. Roboriper DSB seems broken.
  10. I expirienced this (crouch % drop) when trained accuracy at max. In clear field without smoke or obstacles... It max (95%) when stand and drops when crouch. So behind this no so simple.
  11. Please check it with very high-maximum accuracy numbers. I think cause in it.
  12. Try M button. Bigger gun does more damage. Also work for braking glass in windows.
  13. @drages Can you reveal about AP mechanic more pls? Or where i can get some info...
  14. I bring some launchers with stun gas loaded in backpack as second weapon. This extremely useful at assault of command room. Open door BOOM all supressed leave wait 3-5 turns ... Profit!