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  1. @Svinedrengen Grats with nice start
  2. Of course, but closer to release.
  3. @Charon @Svinedrengen It is possible to adapt some part of these beautiful maps for industrial ufo crash layout (even with smashing a few buildings in process), please?
  4. @Svinedrengen @Charon I like your efforts about mapmaking, guys. Keep it up!
  5. For medkits - try to catch some sibil medic (they really know how regen fast ). For shields - armor and alloy related researches will be handy, and alien shields of course (caesans use them).
  6. Exactly. It's hard to overestimate the ability to turn with full speed right at the moment when it really needed, especially on not-agile ships.
  7. @Phoenix1x+52 sent me save and ask to deal with fighters using dedicated crafts with certain weapons. I could hardly resist the desire to test the other alien ships, for to not spoil the 4th phase.
  8. How about to add some chinook start point at two lower lawns and at left upper park zone? It can break beauty a bit, but boost variety great.
  9. Very beautiful map, but sadly aliens have no chance to get to terror site.
  10. May be, not usual symbols in base name and save game cause this problems?
  11. So, @Charon what you think about new crafts and hero condors in my last vid? I expected a comment from you about this.
  12. And turning all loot into scrap .
  13. This time i caught a bigger fishy, almost mothership...hehe @Charon I recommend watch planning phase (geo) at an increased speed, due to Ironman does not forgive mistakes, necessary to carefully think through each mission for each craft. This was really HUGE wave. Almost 1.2mil only by hunters. :cash register sound: New armaments, new tactics. Enjoy!
  14. I'm rolling on the floor laughing