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  1. May be, not usual symbols in base name and save game cause this problems?
  2. So, @Charon what you think about new crafts and hero condors in my last vid? I expected a comment from you about this.
  3. And turning all loot into scrap .
  4. This time i caught a bigger fishy, almost mothership...hehe @Charon I recommend watch planning phase (geo) at an increased speed, due to Ironman does not forgive mistakes, necessary to carefully think through each mission for each craft. This was really HUGE wave. Almost 1.2mil only by hunters. :cash register sound: New armaments, new tactics. Enjoy!
  5. I'm rolling on the floor laughing
  6. @Solver Hi, it is possible to add air combat shortcut of activation/deactivation afterburner?
  7. If you got engineers(not technician) then ShockTechnology will be available.
  8. AlienElectronics+Caesanengineer or AlienLightningTechnology+Sebillianengineer
  9. Sometimes kills, sometimes not, and different races behave in different ways. For example reapers usually sleep. In any case I ensure an important alien with pair baton swings, shock grenade or electron weapon shots.
  10. Some time ago, @Charon asked me for some air battle chronicle. Now I finally found an opportunity to do this, and I hope it will be useful for someone. The first wave of the 3rd phase with a terror battleship at the head. Veteran Ironman. Enjoy!
  11. I need your Clothes, your Boots, and your Motorcycle.
  12. Just some ideas: aliens have different 'visions' for exampe normal, infrared(sibils) and pheromone(xenos). Xenos had 10 normal 20 ired and 40 pheromone vision conbined. Stealth-A armor cuts 70% alien normal vision 50% of ired vision and 20% of pheromonic. So Xenos can detect this armor with normal at 3 range/10 ired/32 pheromonic - so it will be 32 as highest. With tactical point of view stealth-a armor not best choise for xenos missions, but it may be much greater for adrons. :random thoughts:
  13. If things turns out this way, it reminded me idea of adding some kind of stealth armor with weak combat capabilities, which aliens can spot only with close range than their normal vision range. It is posible now?
  14. Wow, it looks like a more complex feature than I thought, probably the Solver greatly helped with this. You probably will find it out soon or... remember.
  15. If there is no small alien hint icons right at screen it will be really interesting. –°an't wait for it. Btw i'm back recently and will try to do what you asked for.